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Call For Submissions: Fictory: A Bookbed Fic Fest

Welcome to Fictory, Bookbed‘s first fic fest!

Fictory was first born out of Bookbed‘s Storyteller in Chief’s fanfic-riddled brain and the Head Cheer Reader’s boundless enthusiasm for anything new and exciting. Eventually, Fictory was transformed into a project that encourages the members of our community to challenge themselves and write original short stories based on prompts. And to further motivate you, we will be giving out prizes to the best entries!

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One response to “Call For Submissions: Fictory: A Bookbed Fic Fest”

  1. […] (We shared them with The Storytelling Project and JCI Duwaling.) The next month, August, we called submissions for #BookbedFictory, our first fic writing […]


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