Poetry Submission: ‘My Red Cap and Me’

by Jela Olaso

Once upon a time,

when I was a little girl,

I found a red cap.


And so, I wore it!


I loved my red cap,

my first love ever.

We stayed together.

We walked together.

We sang and danced together.

Always, forever.


Until one day—


My mom,

li’l brother and I

rode a tricycle, and

all of a sudden,

My red cap—

it flew away!


So I began to cry.

My tears wouldn’t stop,

leaving me heartbroken

from what I just saw.

My pretty red cap,

gone and lost forever.

My first heartbreak,

I won’t ever feel the same way.

I’ll never forget.

One response to “Poetry Submission: ‘My Red Cap and Me’”

  1. Thank you, BookBed! Kaya, nahanap ko na sa wakas ang ‘My Red Cap and Me’ poem… ❤


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