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8 Tips on Making the Best out of the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale #bigbadwolfbooksph

by KB Meniado

Seasoned book hoarders—nay, book lovers—know how to prepare for sales and fairs. But since this is the first time the Big Bad Wolf is here in the Philippines, I thought it would be helpful to share some of the things I’ve seen (learned) from the preview. These may help you navigate the sale better, and come out a successful and happy bookworm!

1. No maps are available

…but it is fairly easy to notice that the sale is divided into three major sections: Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Children’s Books. Once you’re in a particular section, you’ll see table displays labeled according to genre or category.

For Fiction: General, Graphic Novel & Comics, Literature, Romance, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Young Adult

For Non-Fiction (arranged alphabetically only in this list): Architecture & Design, Art & Photography, Baking, Beauty & Fashion, Biographies & Memoirs, Business & Economics, Cook Books, Cookery, Crafts & Hobbies, Family & Relationships, Graphic Design, Health & Wellness, History, Humour, Language, Music & Movies, Pets & Nature, Puzzles & Games, Reference, Religion, Science & Technology, Self-Help, Sports, Transportation, Travel

For Children’s: Activity Books, Board Books, Picture Books, Reference, Readers

By the way, there’s also a tiny section beside Fiction that features Premium Books, which are more of coffee table books.

2. Books appear in multiple categories.

They are also not arranged alphabetically, be that by title or author, or even format. Be extra patient and polite when asking help from staff. Don’t get frustrated! (Or, okay, maybe just a bit.) You’ll find what you’re looking for eventually…that is, if the sale carries it!

3. Speaking of, you may ask Customer Service for more help.

It’s located between the Customer Storage area and Exit door to the Cashier, just behind the Sorting area. Parents whose kids texted them their book wish lists flocked the area, and the staff there was happy to accommodate.

4. Yes, there’s a Customer Storage booth. 

You may bring your cart, or own trolley, full of unpaid books, deposit it, and then go back to the sale and do the hunting all over again until you’re ready to pay. Make use of the Sorting area for “babawasan ko pa ‘tong pile ko” moments.

5. Cash and card payments are accepted.

Now that we’re talking about the actual buying, it might be important to note here that, indeed, the books sold at the sale are cheaper than usual, especially for non-fiction and hardbound books.

6. The venue is air-conditioned, and has parking allotment (PHP 35) outside and toilets that are free to use inside.

On the other hand, there aren’t many food options (there are cafes in the vicinity, and a line of carinderias from across the street, if you will), nor resting/sitting areas. Bring your own baon, maybe, and sit outside and meet new friends!

7. You may go in and out of the sale. 

Remember to ask a staff to stamp your arm, if in case it has rubbed off. There’s a makeshift Baggage Counter area by the Exit, too—again, if in case of anything.

8. Most important of all: Feel free to check out other people’s carts and initiate conversation. 

That way, you’ll decrease the ~chance of missing anything, and at the same time, increase the possibility of new friends!

Check out my photos and video from the event below. Enjoy them—and your trip to the sale, too!


The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is from February 16 to 25, 2018 at the World Trade Center in Pasay. Open 24 hours every day; 60-80% off the regular prices. For more info, visit their Facebook event page. READ ALL EVENTS POSTS HERE. WANT TO SUBMIT YOURS? READ OUR REVIEW POLICY AND SUBMISSION GUIDELINES HERE.

7 responses to “8 Tips on Making the Best out of the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale #bigbadwolfbooksph”

  1. I super want to go to this!!!! Mapapa-sigh nalang ako hanggang pictures lang ako. First year pa naman nila, di ba? There’s always 5 more years! *sigh*


    1. Hi, Anna! Yes, next time! Maybe we’ll meet there? 🙂


  2. we went there last thursday. as we went thru the gate the guard didn’t gave us a ticket for parking, but then as we left the guard asked us to pay 45 pesos. i think they should put up a sign for pay parking and how much for everyone to know.


    1. Sad to hear that. When we went, the guard on duty handed us a ticket. We’ll try to let the organizers know. Thanks for dropping by!


  3. Where was this article when I needed it? Bookmarked for future reference. 😂


    1. Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. […] The Big Bad Wolf has arrived in Davao, and if you’re a reader that lives in the city or someplace close by, what are you still doing here?? Seriously though, how exciting is it to have a book sale this large-scale finally here in Mindanao! Surely, as a book lover, you don’t need further convincing to go, but nothing wrong with getting you more hyped, right? Plus, you can always share about all this with your friends and family—you know, get them all converted to being readers because the more readers we have, the more thinkers and creators we nurture. […]


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