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Bookbed reviews: ‘Till Death Do Us Part’ by Irene Recio

by Gaelle Ansaldo


Everything in Nikki’s life is picture perfect: her photography has taken off and is now a thriving business, she is reconnecting with old friends, and her husband is nothing but devoted to her. That is, until she discovers a shocking truth that might put her and her family in danger. Get a copy: Amazon (ebook), Bookbed Store (print) / Read reviews: Goodreads


I’m not one to read suspense novels but this one made me immediately need a sequel. I had one question after I finished it, “What happened next?!”

Being that it was my first #HeistClub novel (read about #HeistClub here), I was comforted by how fast-paced it was. It was just like watching a suspense film; the next chapter seemingly creeping up on you and then just suddenly does a jump-scare your heart cannot recover from. Nikki finding out about the secret made me feel like I was there with her and it showed me a side of writing I often forgot to appreciate.

Another thing I found interesting is how real it felt. The local places mentioned made me feel like I was part of it. The things Nikki saw were places I’d also seen. The things mentioned in the book were things familiar to me and that made me relate to the book better. The fear I felt about the news in the story also made me question my response to it.

It all felt a little too real.


A fast-paced thriller about a woman figuring out a truth that her life was built upon. Till Death Do Us Part by Irene Recio will keep the readers on their toes and maybe even have them carry resuscitation equipment for when their hearts skip a beat! ☁


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