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Bookbed turns 8: 8 Ways to Encourage More People to Read (plus 8 giveaways!)

by Agnes Manalo, Allana Luta, and KB Meniado

When it comes to reading, it’s never about less is more. The more people who read, the merrier! Here are eight ways to encourage non-readers to get into the habit:

  1. Suggest books related to their personalities and interests. Pretty self-explanatory. Find out what the person is into, and try to link them a few titles you think they would enjoy. If that doesn’t work,
  2. Put a bookish twist into their hobbies. Your gym friends want to get into reading? Use books as weights! Your cool down activity can be a book discussion *wink*
  3. Never say no to adaptations. If a non-reader loves a certain movie, encourage them to look up the source material. But please don’t be that person who nitpicks every single detail the movie wasn’t able to adapt, because we already know, the book is usually better than the movie. (Even if it isn’t, books generally have details or information omitted from movie adaptations.) Just open the discussion but let the non-reader explore things on their own. That said,
  4. Avoid being self-righteous and pushy. We know what good reading can bring but aggressive sharing of opinions and articles about why readers are superior? No, thank you. That’s just going to make them shut you off before you can even say “it’s worth a try!” Also,
  5. Do NOT get judgmental or preachy about what ‘literature’ is, versus stuff some people consider ‘trashy.’ They’re all books. As long as people like what they’re reading, whatever it is, let them be. They’ll learn how to diversify once they enter the “so many books, so little time” zone. Speaking of so little time,
  6. Point them to ~shorter and ~illustrated stuff. Poetry, short story collections, anthologies, essays, comics, graphic novels—they’re all just waiting to be read and loved.
  7. Remind them that nonfiction is also an option. When it comes to reading, most people think of novels almost instantly. But reading can be inspired by many kind of materials, and a lot of people tend to enjoy soaking up facts, reflections and histories in pages so much more.
  8. Last, be their reading buddy. (Because #bookbedis8, allow us this pun:) 8s always better 2gether! Invite them to book club discussions and community events to meet more reader friends. *Ahem click here to join Bookbed ahem*

How do you invite more people into this wonderful world of books and reading? Share your tips with us in the comments below! 


We’re giving away 8 surprise Bookbed boxes in celebration of our 8th year. Join the giveaway here. Open until end of July. Remember to read the terms and conditions!




One response to “Bookbed turns 8: 8 Ways to Encourage More People to Read (plus 8 giveaways!)”

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