8 Things to Put in Your Reading Journal

by Agnes Manalo

Reading is always An Experience, and sometimes you want to record (and maybe share) it. Some people blog, some people Booktube, some people Bookstagram, some people keep a book journal. Like me. So if you’re into that books-on-paper thing (and want to do something about all those wrapping papers, scrapbook papers, and a dragon’s hoard of notebooks of yours), then this might be for you. Here are some things to put in your reading diary:

1. Your year-end wrap up, or your TBR

2. Book-related ephemera

Book Journal 4 ~ Agnes Manalo - Bookbed

This sketch was the cover of my book from a #BookbedBlindDates. The art is by Cake Evangelista.

3. A spare bookmark for your next read

Book Journal 5 ~ Agnes Manalo - Bookbed

4. Quotes, blurbs, words that are new to you

5. Checkboxes a la bullet journal, because reading always leads you to more research and even more reading

Book Journal 10 ~ Agnes Manalo - Bookbed

6. An index, because sometimes you read (and make notes about) more than one book at a time, am I right or am I right

7. A chapter/volume progress tracker (we all know how those X’es, or ✓s, can be super satisfying)

Book Journal 13 ~ Agnes Manalo - Bookbed

8. The most special of all: Lessons learned, and sometimes they’re life lessons, sometimes they’re more technical lessons

Book Journal 14 ~ Agnes Manalo - Bookbed

And that’s it! Do you keep a reading journal too? Share about what’s in your pages in the comments below. Happy tracking! ☁️

4 responses to “8 Things to Put in Your Reading Journal”

  1. Wow, okay, this was such a fun post! I love Journaling back when I was in high school and college and the sole reason as to why I stopped was because I thought I wasn’t creative enough and that my spreads weren’t inspiring enough and so I just gave up. *laughs* But this post inspired me to try my hands on journaling again and so I’m fairly excited. Thank you for this post, Bookbed! 🙂


    1. Happy to hear! Thanks for reading ☁️ (P. S. Check your IG inbox!)


  2. […] when Agnes wrote about “8 Things to Put in Your Reading Journal” last year? Well, I kind of took the advice. This 2019, I’m making BoJo happen. For me, at […]


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