by Agnes Manalo

Reading is always An Experience, and sometimes you want to record (and maybe share) it. Some people blog, some people Booktube, some people Bookstagram, some people keep a book journal. Like me. So if you’re into that books-on-paper thing (and want to do something about all those wrapping papers, scrapbook papers, and a dragon’s hoard of notebooks of yours), then this might be for you. Here are some things to put in your reading diary:

1. Your year-end wrap up, or your TBR

2. Book-related ephemera

Book Journal 4 ~ Agnes Manalo - Bookbed

This sketch was the cover of my book from a #BookbedBlindDates. The art is by Cake Evangelista.

3. A spare bookmark for your next read

Book Journal 5 ~ Agnes Manalo - Bookbed

4. Quotes, blurbs, words that are new to you

5. Checkboxes a la bullet journal, because reading always leads you to more research and even more reading

Book Journal 10 ~ Agnes Manalo - Bookbed

6. An index, because sometimes you read (and make notes about) more than one book at a time, am I right or am I right

7. A chapter/volume progress tracker (we all know how those X’es, or ✓s, can be super satisfying)

Book Journal 13 ~ Agnes Manalo - Bookbed

8. The most special of all: Lessons learned, and sometimes they’re life lessons, sometimes they’re more technical lessons

Book Journal 14 ~ Agnes Manalo - Bookbed

And that’s it! Do you keep a reading journal too? Share about what’s in your pages in the comments below. Happy tracking! ☁️

4 replies on “8 Things to Put in Your Reading Journal

  1. Wow, okay, this was such a fun post! I love Journaling back when I was in high school and college and the sole reason as to why I stopped was because I thought I wasn’t creative enough and that my spreads weren’t inspiring enough and so I just gave up. *laughs* But this post inspired me to try my hands on journaling again and so I’m fairly excited. Thank you for this post, Bookbed! 🙂


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