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8 Ways Bookstagram is Revolutionizing the Habit of Reading

by Bookstagramers Philippines

Bookstagram, from the root word “books” and “Instagram,” isn’t just a place to share aesthetically pleasing bookish photos, but also a home to bibliophiles from all over the world, which include us Filipino readers. Here are eight ways we think bookstagram has contributed to how we read and buy books today:

1. Bookstagram makes books extra appealing

Since bookstagram heavily relies on images, readers are often challenged to make their photos more eye-catching. The more attractive the visual is, the more attention is drawn to the book/s being featured on the post. And this is mostly why people work so hard on producing quality content—to help up the love for books! In connection to that,

2. Bookstagram brings out the creative in you

The lighting, the backdrop, the accessories—readers definitely get to show their artsy side in taking book shots! This sometimes leads to people that share the same ~aesthetic and therefore helping forge friendships in the world of bookstagram. Not only that…

3. Bookstagram helps put books on the radar

Bookstagramers Philippines BGPH Books - BookbedRemember those days when we just relied on our instinct, snaking through aisles and aisles of books and trying to pick a title that screams interesting to us? Well, bookstagram has helped hurry the process. Not that we’ve stopped the scouring (let’s admit we still definitely love doing that), but scrolling through authors’ and fellow readers’ posts has led us to new releases and advance reading copies (ARCs) we may have never chanced upon in the so-called traditional way. There remain a whole lot of books out in the wild—different cover, different edition, and so on—that deserve a shelf in your home! And with that,

4. Bookstagram helps get you out of your comfort zone

While readers have their own preferences, bookstagram has become a great place to find recommendations for those hoping to branch out from their usual reads. Just tap on a hashtag and it can happen instantly, thanks to the beautiful ways books are captured and presented. Next thing anybody knows, you’ve stacked up a pile of books of various genre, built upon the super enticing raving and gushing of a fellow bibliophile. The bonus is:

5. Bookstagram = awesome book slump buster

Leigh Bardugo Books ~ Bookstagramers Philippines BGPH - Bookbed
One major problem readers around the world face is the *dundundun* super annoying slump. But thanks to bookstagram, seeing others’ excitement and snippet reviews over a book they’ve just finished can certainly spurn an affected reader to crawl out of the dark depths of their slump and finally read a book—whether it be a new release, a DNF’d (did not finish) book, an oldie but goodie one. Reading challenges and readathons in the bookstagram community are also remedies to these dreaded slumps, as they encourage bookworms to actually go and read as much as they can. Speaking of community…

6. Bookstagram builds bridges among readers from all over the world

This is no secret: bookstagram has become a wonderful community, and it continues to grow daily. Readers who considered themselves as ‘loners’ or had no fellow bookworm friends in their immediate circles find ‘their people’ on bookstagram. Every day, readers cross physical borders and bypass immigration. They get welcomed into this community in which nobody gives anybody weird looks about fictional obsessions or book-sniffing tendencies. Pretty photos are not required, just a fiery love for reading plus an openness to learn and share with fellow bibliophiles. And it’s just not among readers alone, because:

7. Bookstagram allows instant Author-Reader interaction

No longer are fangirls and fanboys limited to meet-and-greets in bookstores or major book conventions abroad for a chance to interact with their favorite authors because now, readers are able to message their authors (also idols) and vice versa so easily. And it’s just not readers professing their love and awe to them but authors are also able to understand what it is their readers enjoy or not enjoy. Essentially, this just goes to show that…

8. Bookstagram can feel like home

Bookstagram brings inspiration, provides refuge, encourages belongingness. It’s a place for everybody, including the self-acclaimed nonreaders… who are not surprisingly being converted to being bookworms, one bookstagram post at a time. ☁

Bookstagramers Philippines BGPH Books Funko - Bookbed

Post and photos by and from Allen (@allen_thepageturner), Arianna (@arianna.danganan), Cerize (@cerizeseries), Elle (@utterpandamonium), JM (@bookfreakrevelations) and Yumi (@thebookishpariah). Follow Bookstagramers Philippines on Instagram.

5 responses to “8 Ways Bookstagram is Revolutionizing the Habit of Reading”

  1. Thank you for featuring us and our ever-growing bookstagram community, Bookbed! We loved brainstorming for this post and we absolutely love how it all turned out. 😀


    1. And thank you for sharing your stories! Always for a reading nation ☁️


  2. Thank you for wanting to partner with us in highlighting Bookstagramers PH! We loved working on this post, and we absolutely adore how it turned out. 🙂


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