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8 Exciting Things to Check Out at #MIBF2018

by KB Meniado

It’s Day 3 of the Manila International Book Fair 2018, which means you still have today + the weekend to enjoy one of, if not the, biggest book sales in the country. While there are a lot of familiar elements about the fair this year, there are also quite refreshing additions to what readers can look forward to when they go. Here, we list only eight of the many things—aside from the varied and discounted book selections—we think are worth the journey to the MIBF:

1. Freedom Walls

Now, this isn’t an entirely new concept but with more installed this year, attendees are given the opportunity to share their thoughts about certain book and adaptation releases, such as To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral.

2. Increased special attention to Philippine History

Many publishing houses are putting history books on their storefront (boothfront?) display, and at cheaper prices, at that. Be patient while scouring and waiting in line—there are many readers super eager to get their hands on those titles!

Available at the National Historical Commission of the Philippines booth

For those who want children’s books about Filipino historical figures and stories from different parts of the country, swing by the Bookmark Inc. (first floor) and ABC Educational Development Center Children’s Books (second floor) booths.

ABC has Mindanao-based children’s stories

3. Indie published works

Drop by the 8Letters booth at IP3 (Aisle R) to pick up YA, romance, crime, fantasy, and other genre fiction—who knows some of the authors might just be around, and you can have your books signed at once!

4. Even more indie published works

Some of the #romanceclass and #HeistClub titles (which we also carry on the Bookbed Store) are available here, plus a lot more publications by indie presses.

5. More organized and interactive storytelling sessions for children

Happy to report that this year, the second floor (of the venue) dedicated to children and YA lit is much more organized and interactive. Readers and other attendees are able to make the most out of the book fair experience by attending booth sessions and seeing fuller boothshelves~, such as these:

6. Newly released Young Adult titles

It’s definitely exciting how more Filipino authors are debuting print and screen-wise, so make sure to take a peek of some of those releases at the Adarna House, Anvil, and Summit Media booths, all also on the second floor:

7. Blind Book Dates @ Meganon Comics

If you’re looking for some ~mystery and fun, don’t sleep on the Blind Book Date section of Meganon Comics. Remember to purchase some of their titles and merch, too!

8. Last: Authors just wandering around~

… because you never know who else you might bump into!

AA PAtawaran (middle) with Anvil representatives, holding his newly released title Manila Was A Long Time Ago

Have fun and keep reading!


Watch our Day 1 Experience at the MIBF with Bibi Mangki below!



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