Creating A Metropolis of Art and Memories: An Interview with Jay Pillerva

by KB Meniado She makes art, she writes stories, she puts them together, she self-publishes her first book. Meet 21-year-old Jay Pillerva, or better known as @jaaychaan online, and learn about how she began creating and how she made her first illustrated novel Quinn and the Metropolis happen. Jay Pillerva is an independent illustrator, novelist and animator from the…More

Big Bad Wolf Books Davao: Reasons to Go and Things to Expect

by KB Meniado The Big Bad Wolf has arrived in Davao, and if you’re a reader that lives in the city or someplace close by, what are you still doing here?? Seriously though, how exciting is it to have a book sale this large-scale finally here in Mindanao! Surely, as a book lover, you don’t…More

#BookbedFictory 015: ‘Artifacts from the Parent’

by Joel Donato Jacob Prompt: The cure for a new deadly epidemic is almost scarier than the disease. Arvin C. Diesmos, Mae L. Diesmos and Rafe M. Brown Abstract The Philippine amphibian fauna introduced species of frogs: Bufo marinus (Linnaeus), Raba catasbeiana (Shaw), Hoplobatrachis chinensis (Osbeck), Rana erythraea (Sclegel), and Kaloula pulchra (Gray). Bufo marinus…More

#BookbedFictory 014: ‘The House with the Sliding Door’

by BJ Medina Prompt: He locked the doors and shuttered the windows; it came in through the roof. The following story was inspired by the events that happened to a family that relocated to a house somewhere in the province of Cavite. As of this writing, the house in Cavite is still standing. Day 0…More

#BookbedFictory 013: ‘131313’

ni Winter Aragon Prompt: You receive an email at midnight of a picture of you asleep on your bed… from right outside your window. You live on the 13th floor of a newly built condominium. Sa mundong ating kinagagalawan may mga misteryong nais natin alamin pero may ibang mas nanainisin na lang manatiling isang katanungan. Walang…More

#BookbedFictory 012: ‘Panginoon ng Mga Uwak’

ni Darwin Medallada Prompt: A desperate farmer just wants to be able to feed his family through the dry season. El Niño Ako ang dahilan kaya namatay si Tatay. ‘Yon ang palagi kong naiisip sa tuwing binabalikan ang isang alaala ng gabi noong 1984. Bitak-bitak na ang mga palayan sa Anislag. Katulad ng lupang ilang taon…More