#BookbedFictory 015: ‘Artifacts from the Parent’

by Joel Donato Jacob

Prompt: The cure for a new deadly epidemic is almost scarier than the disease.

Arvin C. Diesmos, Mae L. Diesmos and Rafe M. Brown


The Philippine amphibian fauna introduced species of frogs: Bufo marinus (Linnaeus), Raba catasbeiana (Shaw), Hoplobatrachis chinensis (Osbeck), Rana erythraea (Sclegel), and Kaloula pulchra (Gray). Bufo marinus was introduced in the Philippines in the 1930s purportedly to control the explosive population of crop insects. The species in now found in numerous islands across the country through subsequent introductions both accidental and deliberate in nature…

… This paper reviews the status and distribution of alien invasive frogs known in the Philippines and summarizes updated ecological information on each species. We also provide management recommendations to help control the spread of these alien frogs and introduced organisms in the Philippines.

—from Journal of Environmental Science and Management Vol. 9 No. 2 (December 2006)

* * *

Dr. Charm Gonzaga-Manalo


(from Sutla, the Philippine Journal on Medical Aesthetology, 29 September, 2018)


Hello Friends,

Lately, I have been getting a lot of queries about the new CRISPR-Cas9 skin whitening treatment. Some of them are just curious and few are very serious to take this therapy. Interestingly, they give references of Glutathione and chemical or mechanical dermabrasion. Before starting this article, I want to say that skin color is not to be considered as an integral part of your beauty. I would never strongly recommend glutathione therapy that affects your internal chemistry. I used to treat with time-tested therapies like medicines, chemical peels and some advanced therapies like laser toning.

What is CRISPR-Cas9 whitening gene therapy?

CRISPR-Cas9 is a process of gene editing. It has been successfully used for years to edit congenital birth defects in unborn children, and correct the programming of cancer patient’s cells. Basically, the CRISPR, a kind of a modified virus, is introduced to the system. It has been programmed to target specific defective gene sequences; in this case, it will target a patient’s skin cells reaction to sunlight. Unlike chemical peels, mechanical peels and Glutathione treatments, this does not just whiten your skin by removing pigmentation, your skin literally changes to become one that is naturally fair! No more hiding from the sun. You get to show off your alabaster complexion in the skimpiest of bathing suits in the busiest days of the beach season. Amazing!

But is CRISPR-Cas9 whitening gene therapy for me?

There are two considerations for this, maybe three.

The first is contraindications. Our dermatologists will screen all clients for any genetic defects that might adversely impact the procedure. Oddly enough, pigment-based skin disorders like vitiligo and albinism are not among the contraindications. Instead, the gene therapy specifically targets and corrects these conditions. However, a history of eczema and psoriasis might imply that certain reactants in the process might not be best for your skin type.

The second (and third) consideration, is price, and as a corollary, commitment. The entire gene therapy process will only set you back 800,000 to 1.2 million pesos depending on your health coverage. However, the gene therapy itself will take a little over six months between screening, so you will need to be able to access some time away from work for weekly sessions. Both of these factors might make those over the counter CRISPR-Cas9 treatments all the more tempting, but studies have shown that they have not been proven to provide any significant impact to a person’s melanin production. They may be charging you for similar ingredients, but the results you seem to get are little more than chemical whitening effects of the other components of the lotion or cream. Although the FDA cannot ban these products because they pose no threat, they mislead you from the real opportunity of a laboratory and clinically tested procedure of true gene editing technology…

* * *

MANILA, July 7—More than 1,000 Filipinos have been infected with the deadly leptospirosis, an animal-borne bacterial disease that is more common in the tropics like the Philippines, Health Secretary Ralf Lorenz Fonte said in a local radio interview on Saturday.

The Philippines has experienced severe rains especially since the onset of the wet season in June, which inundated many of Southern Luzon/Calabarzon’s garbage-clogged streets.

As previously experienced over the last few years, flooding and poor drainage has resulted in pandemics of several water borne diseases, the worst of which in recent times has been this mysterious train of mutant leptospirosis. Five regions in Central Luzon have been declared under the mutant leptospirosis outbreak.

The outbreak has also been declared in Caloocan City, Quezon City, Taguig, Pasig, Paranaque, Navotas, Mandaluyong and Malabon, the Department of Health (DOH) said.

Fonte said these areas are considered outbreaks because they have already breached the epidemic threshold, meaning that cases reported in these cities and villages have already gone past the number or the average number for the last five years.

At least 2,344 leptospirosis cases have been reported in Metro Manila since January this year, exponentially higher than 112 cases recorded in the same period last year, DOH data showed.

The same data presented that as of June 16, a total of 12,040 cases have been recorded nationwide, and 32 have reportedly died from the disease. Eighteen cases were from Calabarzon, according to the DOH.

Fonte said the DOH is closely monitoring the leptospirosis cases in the country and that the government is prepared to deal with the increasing cases in the country.

“Our hospitals are equipped to handle the cases of leptospirosis, and there are enough tools and medicines,” Fonte said.

The DOH has launched an information campaign to educate Filipinos on leptospirosis and other water-borne infectious illnesses like flu and dengue.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said the bacterial zoonotic disease had varied manifestations.

“The early stages of the disease may include high fever, severe headache, muscle pain, chills, redness in the eyes, abdominal pain, jaundice, hemorrhages in skin and mucous membranes including pulmonary bleeding, vomiting, diarrhea and a rash,” the WHO said. “The mutated version exhibits a toxic and infectious discharge from the sweat glands that cause numbing upon contact. Its nature is similar to the bufotoxins secreted by cane toads.”

Risk of infection is minimized by avoiding contact with animal urine, infected animals and people or a contaminated environment.

Despite weeks of denials of the allegations of certain groups, the BFAD has agreed to pull out certain skin whitening creams and lotions that contain CRISPR-Cas9 technology until further studies can conclusively state that the products do in fact make certain individuals more likely to contract leptospirosis.

* * *


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* * *

Panuto sa interbyuwer: Siguraduhing nakapagsuot ng kumpletong personal protection equipment (mask, gloves, goggles) bago magsagawa ng interbyu. Basahin ang bawat tanong sa Respondent. Huwag hayaang mahawakan ng respondent ang papel. Huwag hayaang makapagsalita ang respondent, utusan lamang siyang tumango kung oo o umiling kung hindi. Sa mga tanong na maraming pagpipilian, basahin ang bawat pagpipilian at bigyan ang respondent ng ilang sandali para makatango o makailing. 


Numero ng Talatanungan: 453

Petsa ng Interbyu: January 23, 2019

Pangngalan ng Interbyuwer: Donna Antalan

Pangngalan ng Pasyente(Mula sa records ng Outpatient Clinic o ng staff): Merlie Sabrosa

Tirahan ng pasyente

(Mula sa records ng Outpatient Clinic o ng staff): 42 Rizal Ave, Kalayaan, Laguna


Bahagi I: Mga Katangian ng Respondent

Tanong Sagot
1.1 Ilang taon ka na?

(Itala sa nakompletong taon)

1.2 Ano ang iyong kasarian ayon sa kapanganakan?
  1. Lalaki
  2. Babae
  3. Iba pa:____________
1.3 Ano ang iyong relihiyon?
  1. 1. Katoliko
  2. 2. Protestante
  3. 3. Muslim
  4. 4. Pentecostal
  5. 5. Iglesia ni Cristo
  6. 6. Iba pa: ______________
1.4 Ano ang iyong pinakamataas na antas ng edukasyon na nakamit?
  1. 1. Wala
  2. 2. Primarya (Grade 1-6)
  3. 3. Sekondarya (Year 1-4)
  4. 4. Kursong Bokasyonal  
  5. 5. Tersiyaryo/Unibersidad
  6. 6. Gradwado (Postgraduate)
1.5 Ano ang iyong estado sibil?
  1. 1. Wala pang asawa
  2. 2. Kasal

3. Biyudo/Biyuda

4. Diborsyado/Diborsyada/ Hiwalay

5. Nagsasama na hindi kasal

1.6 Ano ang iyong trabaho?
  1. 1. Agrikultura / Pagsasaka
  2. 2. Negosyo / Kalakalan
  3. 3. Maybahay/ Walang trabaho
  4. 4. Empleyado ng gobyerno
  5. 5. Iba pa: ______________
1.7 Ikaw ba ang puno ng iyong sambahayan?

(Kung Hindi ang sagot, tumuloy sa Tanong 1.8)

  1. 1. Oo

2. Hindi

1.8 Ano ang relasyon mo sa puno ng iyong sambahayan? 1. Asawa

2. Magulang  

3. Kapatid

4. Anak

5. Iba pang Kamag-anak

6. Hindi kaano-ano

1.9 Ilan ang taong regular na naninirahan sa sambahayang ito?

(Magbilang ng mabagal hanggang sa makatango ang respondent sa tamang bilang at isulat sa puwang sa kanan)

1.10 Magkano ang karaniwang buwanang kita ng iyong sambahayan? 1. Wala pang PhP15,000.00

2. Mula PhP15,001 hanggang PhP29,999

3. Higit sa PhP30,000

1.11 Saan ka nakatira?

(Itanong ng Interbyuwer at tiyakin)

1. Rural area (lalawigan)

2. Semi-urban area (bayang ginawang lungsod)

3. Urban area (lungsod)

1.12 Ikaw ba ay napatataong makakita ng palaka sa pang-araw-araw na gawain?
(Kung OO, tumuloy sa tanong 1.13
Kung Hindi, rumuloy sa tanong 1.14)
  1. 1. Oo

2. Hindi

1.13 Paano ka nakakakita ng palaka?

(Markahan ang lahat ng naaangkop)

1. Sa bahay o karatig-bahay

2. Sa biyahe o paglalakad mula bahay papuntang trabaho

3. Sa pinagtatrabahuhan, halimbawa sa sakahan o palaisdaan

4. Iba pa: ______________

1.14 Nagkaroon ka na ba ng impeksiyon o sakit sa loob ng nakaraang anim na buwan?
  1. 1. Oo

2. Hindi

  1. 3. Hindi alam
1.15 Nagpasuri ka na ba kahit kailan para sa CRISPR-Bufo?
  1. 1. Oo

2. Hindi



Bahagi II: Mga pinagkunan ng impormasyon tungkol sa CRISPR-Bufo

Tanong Sagot
2.1 Narinig mo na ba ang tungkol sa CRISPR-Bufo?

Kung Oo, pumunta sa susunod na tanong 2.3

Kung Hindi, pumunta sa Bahagi III

  1. 1. Oo
  2. 2. Hindi
2.3 Saan mo narinig ang tungkol sa CRISPR-Bufo?

(SIYASATING MABUTI at markahan ang lahat ng naaangkop)

  1. Radyo
  2. Telebisyon
  3. Mga poster
  4. Heath center o hospital Kaibigan/kapamilya
  5. Diyaryo/magasin
  6. Paaralan
  7. Iba pa
  8. Hindi alam o maalaala


Bahagi III: Kaalaman tungkol sa CRISPR-Bufo at pagsusuri para dito

Tanong Sagot
3.1 Sa iyong palagay, makakatulong ba ang maagang pagkakatuklas sa CRISPR-Bufo? 1. Oo

2. Hindi

3. Hindi alam

3.2 Sa iyong palagay, magagamot ba ang CRISPR-Bufo kapag maagang natuklasan? 1. Oo

2. Hindi

3. Hindi alam

3.3 Maaari bang bakunahan laban sa CRISPR-Bufo?  

Kung HINDI ang sagot, pumunta sa Tanong 3.5

1. Oo

2. Hindi

3. Hindi alam

3.4 Ano ang inirerekomendang edad para magpabakuna?

(Magbilang ng mabagal hanggang sa makatango ang respondent sa tamang bilang at isulat sa puwang sa kanan)

1. __________ taong gulang 2. Hindi alam 2
3.5 Sa anong edad dapat nagsisimula ang iskrining para sa CRISPR-Bufo?  

(Magbilang ng mabagal hanggang sa makatango ang respondent sa tamang bilang at isulat sa puwang sa kanan)

1. __________ taong gulang 2. Hindi alam 2
3.6 Gaano kadalas dapat ang iskrining para sa CRISPR-Bufo?  

(Magbilang ng mabagal hanggang sa makatango ang respondent sa tamang bilang at isulat sa puwang sa kanan)

1. Tuwing ___ Buwan (isulat ang 00 kung mas mababa pa sa isang buwan)

2. Hindi alam

3.7 Sa iyong palagay maiiwasan ba ang CRISPR-Bufo?

Kung HINDI ang sagot, pumunta sa tanong 3.9  

1. Oo

2. Hindi

3. Hindi alam

3.8 Ano-ano ang alam mong mga hakbang para maiwasan ang CRISPR-Bufo?
(SIYASATING MABUTI at MARKAHAN ang lahat ng naaangkop)  
  1. 1. Pag-iwas sa mga lugar na maaaring may palaka o dinaanan ng palaka  
  2. 2. Pag-iwas sa pagkaing maaaring nadikitan ng mga palaka tulad ng bigas, kangkong, tilapia, bangus o tilapia
  3. 3. Pagpapabakuna
  4. 4. Walang magagawa
  1. 5. Pag-iwas sa mga taong alam na, o pinaghihinalaang may CRISPR-Bufo
  1. 6. Iba pa: ______________
  2. 7. Hindi alam
1. 2. 3.4. 5.
3.9 Ano-ano ang ilan sa sintomas ng CRISPR-Bufor ang alam mo?  
(SIYASATING MABUTI at MARKAHAN ang lahat ng naaangkop)
  1. 1. Pamamanas at pagpapawis nang malamig at malapot
  2. 2. Pamamanhid ng balat ng ibang mga taong nahahawakan o nadadampian ng balat ng respondent
  1. 3. Mahirap o mababaw na paghinga, lalo na kapag matagal na hindi nakaiinom ng tubig o nakaliligo
  1. 4. Mahirap na pananalita
  2. 5. Iba pa
  3. 6. Walang sintomas
1. 2. 3. 4.
3.10 Anong mga test ang maaaring isagawa upang malaman kung may CRISPR-Bufo na alam mo?(SIYASATING MABUTI at MARKAHAN ang lahat ng naaangkop)
  1. 1. Bufotoxin perspiration test
  2. 2. CRISPR test
  3. 3. Cytological screening
  4. 4. Hindi alam

Bahagi IV: Kaalaman tungkol sa mga risk factor (salik ng panganib) para sa CRISPR-Bufo

Babasahin ng interbyuwer ang bawat dahilan sa respondent pagkatapos mamarkahan ang ibinigay na sagot  

Alin sa sumusunod ang iyong mga risk factor para sa CRISPR-Bufo?

s/n Dahilan Oo (2 pts) Hindi alam (1pt) Hindi (0pt)
4.1 Pagtatarabaho sa fisheries 0
4.2 Pagtatrabaho sa sakahan 0
4.3 Paglusong sa baha 2
4.4 Paggamit ng mga produktong may gene therapy, tulad ng pampaputi, pampatangkad, pampatalino, atbp. 2
4.5 Paghinga ng hanging nagtataglay ng laway o plema ng taong may CRISPR-Bufo 1
4.6 Pagsubo o paglulon ng pagkain nagtataglay ng laway, plema, pawis o anumang mula sa katawan ng taong may CRISPR-Bufo 1
4.7 Pagdampi ng katawan sa katawan ng taong may CRISPR-Bufo 1
4.8 Kasaysayan ng CRISPR-Bufo sa pamilya 2
4.9 Pagkain ng pagkaing mula sa sakahan o palaisdaan pinaninirahan ng mga palaka tulad ng bigas, kangkong, tilapia o bangus. 2
4.10 Pakikihalubilo sa mga gumagamit ng mga produktong may gene therapy, tulad ng pampaputi, pampatangkad, pampatalino, atbp. 2


4.11 Kabuuang iskor sa kaalaman tungkol sa CRISPR-Bufo at risk factor 13 20

* * *

Bahagi V: Aktitud sa CRISPR-Bufo at pagsusuri

Babasahin ng interbyuwer ang bawat dahilan sa respondent pagkatapos irerekord ang mga numerong katumbas ng ibinigay na sagot.  

Basahin: Gaano ang iyong pagsang-ayon o di-pagsang-ayon sa sumusunod na mga pahayag mula 1 na Lubos na sisumasang-ayon, 2 na Di sumasang-ayon, 3 na walang kinikilingan, 4 na Sumasang-ayon, 5 na Lubos na sumasanga-ayon

s/n Pahayag Lubos na di-sumasang-ayon (1) Di-sumasang-ayon


Walang kinikilingan




Lubos na  sumasang-ayon


5.1 Isang napakalubhang sakit ang CRISPR-Bufo 5
5.2 May panganib na magkaroon ako ng CRISPR-Bufo 5
5.3 Mahalaga ang iskrining ng CRISPR-Bufo   5
5.4 Ang mahihirap lamang ang nangangailangan ng iskrining sa CRISPR-Bufo 2
5.5 Ang mga obrerong nagtatrabaho sa sakahan at palaisdaan ang malamang na magkaroon ng CRISPR-Bufo 5
5.6 Kapag napag-alaman na may CRISPR-Bufo, walang masyadong magagawa tungkol dito 3
5.7 Mas mataas ang posibilidad na magamot ang CRISPR-Bufo kapag nadiskubre ang sakit sa maagang panahon 5
5.8 Para sa karamihan, sentensya ng kamatayan ang CRISPR-Bufo 4
5.9 Maliit lamang ang magagawa ng mahihirap upang mapababa ang posibilidad na magkaroon ng CRISPR-Bufo 3
5.10 Ang taong may CRISPR-Bufo ay may ilang tila sintomas na nagpapakita nito 4
5.11 Nasa lahi ng pamilya ang CRISPR-Bufo 3
5.12 Magpapabakuna ako para sa CRISPR-Bufo kahit na ito ay hindi libre 4
5.13 Dapat sustentuhan ng gobyerno ang bakuna para sa CRISPR-Bufo dahil ito ay mula sa paggamit ng mayayaman ng gene therapy at tangka ng gobyernong pumuksa ng peste gamit ang mga palaka 5
5.14 Papayagan ko ang aking mga anak na mabakunahan laban sa CRISPR-Bufo 5
5.15 Papayagan ng aking pamilya na mabakunahan ang mga bata ng bakuna laban sa CRISPR-Bufo 5
5.16 Nararapat lamang na ilayo ang mga natuklasang may CRISPR-Bufo sa maaari nilang mahawaan 5
5.17 Dapat lamang ipaalam sa mga kinauukulan ang mga taong maaaring may CRISPR-Bufo upang sila’y agad na matulungan. 5

Bahagi VI. Mga kasanayan sa iskrining ng CRISPR-Bufo

Tanong Sagot
6.1 Naiskrin ka na ba para sa CRISPR-Bufo?

Kung OO, pumunta sa Tanong 6.2

Kung HINDI, pumunta sa Tanong 6.3

  1. 1. Oo

2. Hindi

3. Hindi alam

6.2 Ilang beses kang naiskrin?

(Magbilang ng mabagal hanggang sa makatango ang respondent sa tamang bilang at isulat sa puwang sa kanan)

6.3 Binakunahan ka na ba laban sa CRISPR-Bufo?
  1. 1. Oo

2. Hindi

6.4 Malugod ka bang pumapayag na magpasuri ng walang bayad?
  1. 1. Oo

2. Hindi

3. Hindi alam

6.5 Malugod ka bang pumapayag na ibukod mula sa iba sakaling matutuklasang mayroon kang CRISPR-Bufo? 1. Oo

2. Hindi

3. Hindi alam

6.7 Malugod ka bang pumapayag na pumailalim sa gene therapy mula sa iba sakaling matutuklasang mayroon kang CRISPR-Bufo? 1. Oo

2. Hindi

3. Hindi alam

6.8 Sakaling matutuklasang mayroon kang CRISPR-Bufo, pinawawalangsala mo ba ang gobyerno sa kung-anumang maaaring kahinatnan ng gene therapy?
  1. Oo

2. Hindi

3. Hindi alam


* * *

Basahin sa respondent: Salamat sa inyong inilaang oras.

Ipakilala ang respondent sa medical technician na sasagawa ng kanyang pagsusuri. Habang hinihintay ang kanyang resulta, isumatotal ang kanyang risk factor (salik ng panganib). Kung higit ito sa 5 puntos, anuman ang resulta ng pagsusuri, ipaalam agad sa medical technician. Kung regatibo ang respondent sa pagsusuri at hindi humihigit sa 5 ang kanyang risk factor, pasagutan sa respondent ang talatanungan ng sangguni (respondent referral form).

* * *



Our Catholic Bishops in the Philippines have appealed for a season of mourning and prayers for the dead from August 31 until September 30 this year, by daily rosary, church bell ringing and candle lighting at eight o’clock each night for the victims of the spreading plague of frogs. The whole message of this 40-day period was “Beg for Healing.”

I am inviting you and the communities with you to participate in the second phase of this period of praying for the victims of the CRISPR-Bufo syndrome. We will start on November 5 until December 5, the solemnity of the Immaculate Conception.

This 33-day period will prepare us to make our act of consecration to the Immaculate Mother. We will call this 33-day period as the time to “Beg for Healing.”

Within this 33-day period, we are requested to pray the rosary and receive Holy Communion, if possible every day, for the healing of our blighted nation and for the peace of the souls of all those who have died and those who had to be killed.

To launch this period of prayer for national healing, I invite you to attend the Mass at the EDSA Shrine on November 3, 2019 at three o’clock in the afternoon the hour of Divine Mercy.

We are setting aside November 5 as the “Lord Heal our Land Sunday.” After the Mass, the image of San Sebastian, the patron saint of plagues, will be brought in a candlelight procession to the Medical City Ortigas, a kilometer away from the EDSA Shrine. We believe that our national healing, which only the Lord can grant, will come to us through the hands of His mother.

We are inviting the men and women in consecrated life, the youth and their teachers, the poor and the rich, the healthy and the persons with disability, the laborers and the entrepreneurs, the police and the military, the majority and minority political parties, in other words EVERYBODY, to join this observance of the “Lord Heal our People Sunday.”

We are appealing to our brother priests to hold “Lord Heal our People Sunday” in the provinces too for the sake of those whose physical affliction cannot go to the EDSA Shrine that day.

In asking the Lord to heal our people, we will pray to Him together because we are God’s children wherever we may be.

Please remember the date November 3 and the time 3:00 pm and the place the EDSA Shrine for our “Lord Heal our People Sunday.”

If then my people, upon whom my name has been pronounced, humble themselves and pray, and seek my face and turn from their evil ways, I will hear them from heaven and pardon their sins and heal their land. (2 Chronicles 7:14).

—From the Cathedral of Saint John the Evangelist, Dagupan City, October 1, 2019

The Department of Health (DOH) today calls on local executives and families to defer attendance in the upcoming Lord Heal our People Sunday Healing Mass. The density of the attendees and the possibility a large number of undocumented CRISPR-Bufo infectees in attendance make the event very high risk to starting or aggravating another outbreak.

* * *

MANILA, November 21, 2019—President Duterte condemns the US travel ban against Filipino immigrants and tourists. This follows a week-long evacuation of all US citizens residing or a travelling in the Philippines. The US is now the 14th country to participate on an international lockdown on Philippine borders which was initiated by Singapore and the United Arab Emirates.

In retaliation, President Inday Sarah has declared Philippine borders closed to any immigrants, tourists or workers including international aid from the participating countries. This is viewed by economist Dalton Sequia as little more than ruffling feathers, as no tourist has stepped on Philippine soil since July, when China and South Korea issued travel advisories against the Philippines within hours of each other.

Inday Sarah herself was put into power after dozens of Philippine leaders, her father included, succumbed to CRISPR-Bufo after a buffet of infected tilapia, bangus and rice.

* * *

Sa kinauukulan,

Huwag na po sana ninyong alamin kung sino ako. Sana po ay pahalagahan ninyo ang aking kaligtasan dahil ginagawa ko ito para maprotektahan ang kaligtasan ng mas nakararami.

Ang St. Therese of the Child Jesus Dormitory sa loob ng UP Los Baños campus ay kasalukuyang tinutuluyan ng halos dalawampung pamilyang mga nagsisitaglay ng kinatatakutang sakit na CRISPR-Bufu. Nakiusap ang mga madre ng St. Therese sa mga mag-aaaral at pamunuan ng UPLB na ilingid ang katiwalian at krimeng ito sa gobyerno kahit na inilalagay nila ang buong pamayanan sa panganib.

Sana ay gumawa kayo ng nararapat na kilos at pagwawasto.

Malugod na sumasainyo,


* * *

Alas tres ng madaling araw, Marso 9, 2020, nang magsimula ang sunog mula sa mga naiwang kandila sa simbahan ng St. Therese of the Child Jesus sa UP Campus sa Los Baños, Laguna. Agad kumalat ang apoy sa karatig na dormitoryo at sa isang kalapit na mga boarding house ng Sinagtala Apartments at katapat na Math Building. Agad na rumesponde ang mga bumbero ng Los Baños, Calamba, Calauan, Victoria, Sta. Cruz at San Pablo. Ngunit sa lubha ng apoy ay ‘di makalapit ang mga trak ng bumbero. Agad itinaas ang Red alert para sa insidente at naibaba lamang ito nang masabing fireout na ito sa kinabukasang Marso 10 ng alas dose ng tanghali. Sinasabing nasa 300 mahigit ang namatay at 223 milyong pisong halaga ng kagamitan ang natupok. Kasalukuyan pang ipinagbabawal ng pamahalaang Los Baños ang makapalapit sa pinangyarihan ng sunog dahil di umano sa maaaring kontaminsasyon.

* * *

@jovy_bonbonbonnie (this account has been disabled due to noncompliance to community standards)

GUYS! May media blackout ba? Sunod-sunod ang sunog. Libo libo ang namamatay. di man lang nababalita sa TV, Internet o radio. Hanggang Twitter lang ang speculations tapos nade-delete pa.

You cannot retweet this. You cannot like this.

* * *

Dear Aldrin,

Anak, nasa mabuting kalagayan kami ng iyong kapatid. Mabuti na sigurong nasa Maynila ka ng pumutok ang gulo. Sumama kami sa Ninang ni Alice, si Mareng Sion, kung naaalala mo pa siya noong namamasko pa kayong magkakapatid. May mga pupunta daw sa C****** dahil pinoprotektahan daw ng mga NPA ang mga gusto tumakas sa gobyerno.

Kay Mareng Sion namin napag-alaman na sa ganito pinakamaasahang makapagpadala ng liham sa iyo. Nanalangin akong maisip mong basahin ang recipe sa ilalim ng label ng spaghetti sauce na dati mo namang ginagawa. Kung hindi, sino pa ang sinusulatan ko kungdi ang sarili ko.

Natuklasan namin, sa pagtuturo na din ng mga tumulong sa amin, na makapagtatago kami sa ilalim ng tubig. Pipigil lang kami sa paghinga. Nakakagulat pero totoo ang sinabi nila. Nakahihinga kami gamit ang aming mga balat. Ang mga namamatay ayon sa balita ay dahil sa panunuyo ng balat kaya’t di makahinga ang katawan, kahit na gumagana pa ang mga baga. Marahil mas maliliwanagan ka sa mga dahilan nila dahil ipinipilit ko lang intindihin. Pero ganun kasi ang paliwanag nila kung paano namatay ang iyong ama sa daan. natuyuan ng balat.

Baka hindi na rin ako muling makasulat sa iyo. Hindi na ako makahawak ng bolpen tulad ng dati. Parang kamay na ng palaka ang kamay ng kapatid mo. Balang araw daw ay magiging ganoon din ang akin, sabi nila. Mas matagal nga lang daw dahil mas matanda na ang aking katawang lupa. Parang papanaw ba ang pagkakasabi ko? Natatakot ako pero parang ganoon na nga dahil darating ang panahon na mapapalitan ito ng katawang tubig. Kung dati’y panandalian lamang tayo sa pool o beach, sabi nila ay balang araw ay di na daw kami puede magtagal sa lupa. Nakakatakot anak. Di ko alam kung nanaisin kong mangyari rin sa iyo ito para makasama ka namin muli, o manalanging hindi mo maranasan ang sinapit namin ng kapatid at tatay mo.

Pagbutihin mo ang pag-aaral mo diyan sa Maynila. Kapag tinanong nila kung may kaanak ka sa Laguna, sabihin mong wala na. Baka mapagdikitahan ka pa nila. Tapusin mo ang pag-aaral. Mag-asawa ka. Mag-anak. Sana maging kamukha mo ang anak mo. Naaalala ko pang pinag-aagawan namin ng tatay mo kung sino sa amin ang kamukha mo. Ngayon, malayo na iyon. Wala na sa aming kahawig mo. Ni hindi na kami mukhang tao.

Sunugin mo agad ang liham na ito pagkabasa mo. Hindi mo na kami makikita. Lagi ka naming isasaisip, anak. Nananalangin na lamang ako na kahit magbago ang katawan, hindi magbabago ang kaluluwa, at magkakasama tayong buong pamilya muli sa kabilang buhay. Tapusin mo ang pag-aaral. Mag-asawa ka. Mag-anak. Sana maging kamukha mo ang anak mo.


‘Nay Merlie


P.S. Sinabihan akong burahin kung mula sa saan kami sumusulat.

Ang food stub na ito ay makapaglalaan sa may hawak ng isang galong tubig, isang kilong bigas, anim na pakete ng instant pancit kanton isang latang ma-ling at dalawang latang sardinas.

Paumanhin, wala ng tubig.

Paumanhin, wala ng sardinas.

Paumanhin, wala ng ma-ling.

Paumanhin, wala ng bigas.

* * *

Abstract: This paper is presented to Xinhua University as a study in the genotypical and phenotypical variance of the Filipino from human beings. The team begins the presentation by arraying the anatomical adaptations of the Filipino to a semi-aquatic life including but not limited to the use of their skin as a breathing organ by gathering oxygen from ambient water supplies. Next, the paper is presented as a comparison of a normal human being’s genetic sequence with that of a Filipino. In contrast, a third sequence will be presented, that of Bufo marina, or the Cane toad, the species to which the Filipino has cross mutated with. Finally, the paper concludes with a recommendation that the Filipino subspecies Homo sapiens bufo be dissolved completely, and that a new species, Homo philippinensis, be established.

Should the panel accept these recommendations, this will be the first time in recorded history that a transition of a child species from its parent was documented for most of its process.

* * *

Contrary to previous reports that the mutation process has been terminated, six of the 52 researchers from Hong Kong Baptist University and Xinhua University have contracted the CRISPR-Cas9 condition. The Chinese government has assured the public that the six researchers will be given support so that they may transition into their new lives as Filipinos. The Chinese Government is still studying the possibility of evacuating the remaining researchers.

The names of the six researchers are currently being withheld and the Chinese government has asked for the cooperation of the online community so as to not compromise the safety or privacy of their families in Hong Kong or China

Officials have also reiterated that the terms infection and disease be avoided so as to reduce the stigma associated with being a Filipino.

These events transpired just weeks after the US Government denounced accusations that they themselves are containing several cases of individuals transitioning into Filipinos. This Friday, the International Criminal Court will decide on the case of Kuwait, which has admitted to the incarceration, termination and destruction of several Filipinos.

Although Australia has announced that is equipped to accommodate Filipino refugees, no airline company has stepped forward to allow transitioning Filipinos from all over the world transport to Australia. This recent developments among the Hong Kong and Chinese researchers are poised to reignite the discrimination and violence faced by transitioning Filipinos worldwide.

* * *

SYDNEY, AUS—Recent instances of transitions in Australia has spurred speculations of a contaminated food store. Rumors are circulating of a Caucasian Filipino going through produce with a vial of his own contaminated blood and puncturing fresh produce packages. The Australian government insists that none of these rumors are true. Furthermore, the recent shipment of fruits and vegetables from New Zealand, the government asserts, is a means to bolster the supply, and is not a replacement for the impending destruction of contaminated stores. They do however, recommend boiling drinking water and cooking all food thoroughly, even steak.

* * *

Hang in there, Adelaide,

Adelaide, the last bastion of humanity in AU.

We are sorry if the rest of the world are selfish jerks.

Aide to Adelaide now!

What if it was SF?

We could be next, we wouldn’t want the world closing on us would we?

My family is Aussie, do you condemn me too?

(Protest banners in San Francisco before the Australian-Filipino purge of America)


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