Bookbed recommends: ‘Seedlings: A Short Story Collection’ by Maria Carlizza C. Pagaduan

by KB Meniado

To read the contents of somebody else’s journal is almost unforgivable but with Seedlings, a collection of tiny stories from the life of an author and artist better known to me as Arli Pagaduan, I didn’t feel any guilt at all. On the contrary, it was inviting and familiar—the pages like old friends waving at me, the stories sounding as if I had written them myself—and I sincerely enjoyed how each one brought me back to my past experiences and feelings. While a lot of themes are universally relatable, such as friendships, family, faith, frustrations and fears, each story maintains that feeling of something very personal still, with a pinch of pain and a bucket of hope in its touching prose and hand-drawn art. This book helped reawaken something in me, and I’m even happy to report that it has inspired me to create again. And so maybe, if you pick this up, it will help you grow, too.

Here are some of my favorites:



Get a copy and know more about Seedlings on Arli’s blog here.
Read our feature about Arli and her #100BookScenesProject here.




2 responses to “Bookbed recommends: ‘Seedlings: A Short Story Collection’ by Maria Carlizza C. Pagaduan”

  1. Jen Dollente Avatar
    Jen Dollente

    Sounds like a great read! Will check it out! 😊


    1. Bookbed Avatar

      Thank you for always reading our posts! Feel free to reach the author herself @arlipagaduan on IG, if ever you want to get a copy.

      Liked by 1 person

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