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Big Bad Wolf Books Davao: Reasons to Go and Things to Expect

by KB Meniado

The Big Bad Wolf has arrived in Davao, and if you’re a reader that lives in the city or someplace close by, what are you still doing here?

Seriously though, how exciting is it to have a book sale this large-scale finally here in Mindanao! Surely, as a book lover, you don’t need further convincing to go, but nothing wrong with getting you more hyped, right? Plus, you can always share about all this with your friends and family—you know, get them all converted to being readers because the more readers we have, the more thinkers and creators we nurture.

Preaching aside, let’s get to what brought you here—the books, and okay, the tips. Now, the Big Bad Wolf does provide a few, but we readers could always use some more (just like we could always buy one more book… and another… and another). Without further awoolf~, here you go:

  • The 24-hour book sale is held at The Tent at Azuela Cove in Davao City starting November 23 up until December 2, 2018. Parking is provided, and more importantly, free. Some of the spaces are a bit far away from the venue, but that’s alright. We all can use a bit of a nature walk and exercise!
  • No maps still but sections are labeled accordingly—the sign boards are not hard to miss! Take note, though, that the displays remain arranged in random. Not alphabetically, not by author, not by format, not by edition. Be patient (and with the assisting staff, too); that’s the fun in book-hunting!
Big Bad Wolf Books Davao - Bookbed
  • While the venue is a bit smaller than that in Manila (probably closer in size to that in Cebu, but I wasn’t there), happy to report that there are a lot of new titles and even cheaper discounts added to this leg of the sale in spite of. (However, the ~classic Harry Potter series, which everyone seems to always look for, is still MIA. They have the Cursed Child—although not the same, still worth throwing into your cart!) The point is: your favorites may be missing, but hey, this is a great opportunity to explore new books and authors, right?
  • *cue a Dua Lipa song* They got new rules, must mind them~ Not ripping the plastic wrappers, returning the books to their places, bookstagramming for prizes. These aren’t exactly new, and should actually already be a given anywhere, but be mindful book buyers, please, okay? And don’t get into fights with anyone—there’s enough books for everyone! (Welp, maybe not enough space in between table displays, though, but adjust, please, okay?)
  • Cash and card payments still accepted but because of the limitation of the venue, there are only several counters serving the customers, and the queuing can get long. This is why you’re at the sale with friends and family—chat with one of them as you wait in line! Or tap the person in front of or behind you and converse, why not? (Good thing I was with Bibi Mangki, our resident #readingmonkey, who always makes adventures like this extra fun!)
Bibi Mangki at Big Bad Wolf Books Davao - Bookbed

As for the books…browse some of those we’ve taken photos of below and take notes 🙂

Enjoy the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale in Davao!



2 responses to “Big Bad Wolf Books Davao: Reasons to Go and Things to Expect”

  1. Can’t wait for them to be back in Manila! 💜


  2. […] when the Big Bad Wolf arrived in Davao, I thought this was the perfect time to stock up for the kid’s library. Since I can’t bring […]


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