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12 Days of Bookbed Recs: Children’s Books #12daysofBookbedRecs

by Nove Patangan

Plenty of my nephews and nieces are drowning in toys they no longer use, and buying them more stuff can feel like a gratuitous waste of precious house space (and money). Books then is a great alternative. I’m one of the typical titas who would rather spend a penny for a book that I feel my pamangkins would love to read.

So when the Big Bad Wolf arrived in Davao, I thought this was the perfect time to stock up for the kid’s library. Since I can’t bring all of them here in the city since they live in Dipolog, I called their mothers instead for guidance!

With 40% children titles, sold at Php100-500, that was a good steal. I was able to browse lots of activity books, story books, board books, interactive books and also augmented reality books perfect for Christmas gift for the kids.

These are the books that I was able to get that would most likely interest them to read and use. Their favorite things are princesses, dinosaurs, cars and trains. I hope they will be able to draw moral lessons out from these exciting books! *starts wrapping Christmas presents*

But why do I care giving books as gifts to my nephews and nieces? For me, giving them the books they like to read is also way to instill to them the value of reading—one of the most important skills to succeed in life. I want my little pamangkins to stay curious and discover more wonders through books. By flipping through the pages, they can learn about people and places from other parts of the world, improving their understanding of and concern for all of humanity. Books have the power to unlock children’s imaginations, it sparks their creativity and even inspires them to dream. Who knows, they might be the next awesome scientist or maybe the next change maker? 😉


We’re recommending books for 12 days this holiday season! Share your fave holiday reads with #12DaysofBookbedRecs 🎁

One response to “12 Days of Bookbed Recs: Children’s Books #12daysofBookbedRecs”

  1. Yes for Big Bad Wolf! 😊


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