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5 Gifts for the Reader with Too Many Books (plus a giveaway!)

by Agnes Manalo, Allana Luta, and Mikki Shiu

Dark chocolate: not too sweet and not too melty, so you’re less likely to smear it all over your book or device

A gift card for a coffee shop: for a bit of quiet time to make a dent in that book you’re having trouble getting into, or to finish that last chapter, or for you to live out your coffee shop AU dreams~

Coffee beans: for the more introverted reader, or for when you need a bit of ritual before diving into your book

A tote bag: for keeping your books near and dear, for book swaps, and for the inevitable book shopping Eye drops for tired eyes: in case of reading binges, non-leisure marathons, or if you just want to reread a favorite with fresh eyes (chos)

Our Bookbed pillows: compact and soft, perfect for supporting a heavy hardcover, for propping up a floppy graphic novel, or for squeezing and burying your face in when your book gets to be too much for your feelings

By the way, we have an ongoing giveaway for one of these pillows on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! Open to PH only, until Christmas Day.

Hope this list helps 😉 Happy holidays!




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