12 Days of Bookbed Recs: ‘Saga’ written by Brian K. Vaughan, illustrated by Fiona Staples

by Allana Luta

When you’ve been on an unintentional book-reading hiatus for as long as I have, getting back into the habit can be difficult. A novel that I could have finished in a single sitting now seems like an absolute chore.

Saga by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples - BookbedSo for this holiday season, to get my groove back, I’m restarting out easy. Saga, written by Brian K. Vaughan and illustrated by Fiona Staples, is a comic book series about star-crossed lovers struggling to keep their family together in the midst of an ongoing war between their races. Each chapter ends in a cliffhanger that forces you to continue reading and it’s funny despite the heavy themes the story dances around. What’s more Christmas-y than a family trying to keep it together in space?

P.S. Shout out to Cheer Reader Cake for recommending Saga in one of our #BoookbedMeets☁️

#BookbedMeets June 24 ~ Cake
Cake with her copy of Saga
We’re recommending books for 12 days this holiday season! Share your fave holiday reads with #12DaysofBookbedRecs 🎁

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