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12 Days of Bookbed Recs: ‘The Baby-sitters Club’ series by Ann M. Martin

by KB Meniado

The Baby-sitters Club was the first book series I collected growing up, and so every reread takes me back to childhood. I rediscover Kristy Thomas’s can-do attitude and her single mom-led household; Claudia Kishi’s passion for art and her addiction to sweets; Stacey McGill’s city-girl sophistication and her daily life with diabetes; Mary Anne Spier’s thoughtfulness and stellar organizational skills; Dawn Schafer’s individualism and her healthier options to life; Mallory Pike’s writer dream and big family dynamics; Jessi Ramsey’s love for ballet and her strong determination in life. I loved them so much to the point I actually set up a BSC with my grade school barkada (which failed, lol, but it’s the thought that counts). Now there are several elements in the series I don’t subscribe to anymore, but these books are like family to me, and that in it essence is something we seek and treasure, especially during this holiday season. If you’ve read these, have fun coming home! If you haven’t, welcome to the Club!


Which BSC member were/are you? Let me know in the comments section below 🙂 ☁️

We’re recommending books for 12 days this holiday season! Share your fave holiday reads with #12DaysofBookbedRecs 🎁

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