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12 Days of Bookbed Recs: ‘Rizal Without The Overcoat’ by Ambeth Ocampo

by Bryan Meniado

rizal without the overcoat by ambeth ocampo - bookbedMany of us learned about Rizal from our history classes in school and we assume we already know him. After all, he is one of our national heroes and, maybe, the most documented and venerated among them. But how much do we really know him? Ambeth Ocampo offers a different view of Rizal from what we learned from textbooks. He seeks to put Rizal down from the pedestal and revered statues, and know him as who he really was without the overcoat: a human being. Rizal Without The Overcoat, winner of National Book Award, revisits history as if it happened yesterday. As what Ambeth Ocampo says: we can always find something new in what is old. And Rizal’s life and works will never get old, no matter the season. ☁️

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