12 Days of Bookbed Recs: ‘Sacred Hoops’ by Phil Jackson, Hugh Delehanty

by Bryan Meniado

sacred hoops by phil jackson and hugh delehanty - bookbedWe often hear the names ‘Michael’ and ‘Kobe’ and equate them to greatness and legends in basketball. But little do we know about the man behind their respective Hall of Fame careers—Phil Jackson. Phil Jackson’s coaching is out-of-the-box and makes the game of basketball more than just that, a game. He makes it more of a way of life and a mindset. He is a follower of psychology, spirituality and philosophy and he integrates their differing lessons towards the ultimate goal of winning. Through this provoking memoir, he shows how meditation and being mindful transcend the individual in order to achieve a collective goal. Sacred Hoops by Phil Jackson and Hugh Delehanty details the evolution of his thinking that led him to become the most successful coach in professional sports. The stories of overcoming failure and achieving success against odds are truly inspirational and encouraging. Phil Jackson’s lessons go beyond basketball and can definitely be applied to our own lives—especially this new year. Happy 2019! ☁️

This is the last for our recommended books for 12 days this holiday season! See all of them here: #12DaysofBookbedRecs 🎁


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