What We Bought From The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Manila 2019

The Big Bad Wolf is back in Manila! If you haven’t been—or just want to check out other people’s hauls, here are the experiences and book buys of five readers who attended VIP Day. We hope this helps make you look forward to your trip to the BBW Sale!


“I had a great time! Spent at least four hours yesterday roaming around and deliberating which books to get, as I was on a budget. I have to admit I was a little sad that one of the titles I wanted to get wasn’t out yet. I also hesitated getting a book, and when I went back to get it, the pile was gone. But I’m actually thinking of going back one weekday tapos madaling araw just to see of they have new titles (and I hope I finally get that one TIME collection that I’m looking for!).”—Joy Celine Asto

“It’s my first attending, so the abundance of books was quite overwhelming! I didn’t have an actual list of books to buy (except my sister’s, whom I was shopping for) so I took my time exploring each section. But I have to say I’m a bit sad because they didn’t have stocks for some books I’ve been wanting to have for so long. In the end, I bought both fiction and nonfiction books. I would like to return and get those books I forgot to put in my cart :)) All in all, it was an awesome experience for a first-timer wolfie!”—Jea Inguito

“It was overwhelming but ah, the happiness it brought us! There were definitely a lot of YA books. I was hoping there were more graphic novels, fiction and non-fiction, but they said there will be new books coming along! It was my first time, and we really took our time last night, kahit mahaba na pila at mag-e-11 na rin nung natapos kami. Haha! Queuing was surprisingly fast; I just don’t know if it will be the same during the regular days now. Balik ‘pag madaling araw!”—Arli Pagaduan

“Here’s a funny story. My friend and I were already in the middle of the looooong line when my history nerd self urged me to go back to the History Books section and get that book (The Month That Changed The World) that I saw while going around. And sobrang nakakaloka. Because I couldn’t remember where I saw it. Nakailang paikot-ikot na ako at nagpapanic na ako kasi baka nakalayo na sa pila yung friend ko sa tagal ko. Good thing I found it! Kasi kung hindi, di ako makakatulog ng mahimbing!”—Cathy Calzar

“As a memorable experience. The large tables were stacked with books that are easy to pick up, unlike some book sales I’ve been to, where the books are filed horizontally, which is hard when trying to return a book.

Almost all the books—a huge part of is YA—have a sample copy, so you can peek inside. I failed to see any New Age books, as well as books about Philosophy, but I’m pretty sure that most people will enjoy the selection.

As a regular bargain hunter when it comes to books, I can tell you there are other places were you can see books peddled at lower prices than compared to some of the ones at Big Bad Wolf. However, most of those are either very old copies, or damaged or stained. When it comes to Big Bad Wolf, all are brand new and most of them sealed in plastic. If you have a place in your house where you can safely store books, I suggest you start buying from the Big Bad Wolf right now!”—BJ Medina


Special thanks to Big Bad Wolf for the VIP Day tickets. For more info, visit Big Bad Wolf Books PH on Facebook. READ ALL EVENTS POSTS HERE. WANT TO SUBMIT YOURS? READ OUR REVIEW POLICY AND SUBMISSION GUIDELINES HERE.


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