Bookbed recommends: ‘Ti Dakkel nga Armang’

by KB Meniado

Saanak launay makaawat ti Ilocano ngem nagpatulung ak ken ni tatang ko nga basaen diay Ti Dakkel nga Armang, ket narigatan met isuna nga maawatan dagidiay nauneg nga Ilocano. (Pangasinan-Ilocano ni tatang ko.) Mayat latta iti pinagbasa mi ti napintas nga istorya nga maipanggep ken ni armang community idiay Rimos, masursuroan ka nga agsakripisyo ken agpursige iti pinagbiag.

Kayat ko iti agpasalamat kadagiti maestra iti Luna, La Union (Michelle Corpuz, Rachel Espiritu, Suzy Corpuz, Rosita Aragon, Luz Miranda) ken The Storytelling Project nga nag-aramid diay libro. Nag-enjoy nak nga nagbasa gamin awan ti direct translation na iti English o Filipino. Napintas nga ti agbasa iti agsasabali nga Philippine languages, ken napipintas pay kuma no makaaramid tayo pay iti kastoy nga libro nga sitayo iti nagsurat.

(I’m not fluent in Ilocano so I had to ask my dad to help me read Ti Dakkel nga Armang. To our surprise, it had a lot of deep words (my dad is Pangasinan-Ilocano). But that didn’t stop us from enjoying this children’s story about the armang community in the town of Rimos. It carries the lessons of sacrifice, perseverance, and kindness.

Kudos and thank you to the teachers from Luna, La Union (Michelle Corpuz, Rachel Espiritu, Suzy Corpuz, Rosita Aragon, Luz Miranda), The Storytelling Project, and the whole production team for this story. I’m used to children’s books with English translation on the same page, so it was fun reading it in this language. I hope we can enjoy more local stories, written by us ourselves.)


The reviewer received a copy of the book from the publisher. Ti Dakkel nga Armang is available at Aklat Alamid and Pumplepie Books & Happiness.



2 responses to “Bookbed recommends: ‘Ti Dakkel nga Armang’”

  1. Jessica Avatar

    Hahaha 😀 though I’m loving the cover I won’t be reading this unless it’s translated to Tagalog or English. I tried reading the first words before the English and already feel myself like an idiot. 😀 Got no idea what dialect it was until I read Ilocano


    1. Bookbed Avatar

      There’s a Filipino translation in the index! 🙂 Thanks for reading the review. Hope you get to pick it up – it’s made with love by people from the community itself.

      Liked by 1 person

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