Why Filipinos Should Read: Filipiniana

by Bryan Meniado It’s been a while since I last wrote for Bookbed. My last “Why Filipinos Should Read” was published two years ago! But while I may have lay low on reading, the books are there, and new ones keep coming. A real tsundoku! *laughs* Moving on, one of the silver linings of thisContinue reading “Why Filipinos Should Read: Filipiniana”

15 Books to Buy from the Manila International Online Book Fair 2020 #MIBF2020

BY KB Meniado and BM Readers from all over the Philippines and even abroad can now attend the Manila International Book Fair… because, yes, that’s right, it’s now online! Click here to register for free and browse, and if buying, here are 15 titles in no particular order that we think you should add toContinue reading “15 Books to Buy from the Manila International Online Book Fair 2020 #MIBF2020”

Story Submission: ‘A Couple of Wednesdays’

by Dominique Gonzaga-Sulatra Chynna never forgets a face—well, no one forgets the face of their first love, anyway. And so as soon as she sees the guy wearing that unmistakable blue beanie stepping inside the book café, she almost drops her book.  Omo, is that Jaehyun? Chynna sits up. Squints her eyes. Blinks twice. Thrice. Rubs her eyesContinue reading “Story Submission: ‘A Couple of Wednesdays’”

Bookbed recommends: ‘Sweet on You: A Filipino Christmas romance’ by Carla de Guzman

by KB Meniado Now more than ever, we need something good and filling, and Sweet on You: a Filipino Christmas romance by Carla de Guzman hits the spot. More so if you are, well, Filipino and have a sweet tooth like me because *wipes drools* this foodie romance is delicious and comforting in all theContinue reading “Bookbed recommends: ‘Sweet on You: A Filipino Christmas romance’ by Carla de Guzman”

#BookbedMeets: Silent Reading Session this Nov 21

This is the fifth #BookbedMeets this second half of the year, and we’re once again inviting you to read silently with us for an hour this coming Saturday, November 21! Sign up here, and bring any book you’d like to read—or even a friend or two. See you! ☁ BOOKS READ DURING THE OCT 29Continue reading “#BookbedMeets: Silent Reading Session this Nov 21”

#AReaderEveryDay Cotabato: Presenting… Bookends!

by Bam Baraguir A couple of months ago, I asked for your help regarding a small reading nook I wanted to put up here in my hometown in Cotabato City, and while it has taken a while to prepare the space, I’m now happy to present to you…. *drumrolls*… Bookends! My cousins and I clearedContinue reading “#AReaderEveryDay Cotabato: Presenting… Bookends!”