Story Submission: ‘A Couple of Wednesdays’

by Dominique Gonzaga-Sulatra
Art by Mariela Moreno @ellalalalangs

Chynna never forgets a face—well, no one forgets the face of their first love, anyway. And so as soon as she sees the guy wearing that unmistakable blue beanie stepping inside the book café, she almost drops her book. 

Omo, is that Jaehyun? Chynna sits up. Squints her eyes. Blinks twice. Thrice. Rubs her eyes even. Just to see if she is imagining things. She buries her face in her book before the guy looks her way. He seems to be looking for someone.

Is he looking for meChynna peeks from the corner of her book. It IS him. He looks the same as we were in college. Tall, hazel eyes, and that signature blue beanie! But why would he be back in Korea? Of all places, why would he come to this book café

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