From the Bookbed Room: @komikninja Recommends 4 Komiks to Read on Penlab

Today is another day for Filipino indie komiks! This time, we’re sharing not just one, but FOUR recommendations by our resident @komikninja. These titles are all accessible via Penlab, and for free. So, if you have time, check out them out, and let us know if you find more that we should add to our reading lists. Remember to follow @komikninja on Instagram, and subscribe to their YouTube channel!

1. Knights of the Wandering Castle by Luny

Galeia may be a powerful kingdom because of its wandering castle, and the strong knights it employs. Blanc for now is a page to knight Souichiro Kitakaze, and Blanc is too restless and too eager to start knight training (prosthetic hands notwithstanding). But Souichiro is taking his time for the moment, and Blanc finds himself learning the ropes of being a page and a squire for now.

I just say it like this but Luny makes the pilot pages interesting, including Blanc’s work day. Blanc is likeable and spunky, Samson is hesitant but not cowardly. Overall there are enough feelers for even more information about this world and its characters on the way. The fantasy world building is nice and well considered, but never overpowers the story. The art is very adorable and nicely detailed, the paneling is always nice and orderly and systematic.

2. Enchantment by Hans Dimapilis

Andrea is a Defender, a student magician using magic for protecting her city where magic is derived wifi-style through a tower. But when a serial robber attacks her city, she has to not only protect a new crush alchemist shopkeeper, she might also have to battle the robber head-on.

It’s all nice fantasy fun, but definitely shows Hansel Dimapilis’s continuing improvement in komik-making. The paneling is very orderly and understandable. The important characters are likeable and enough information is given for the needs of the oneshot. The shifts between chibi and standard are done nicely. The pen and ink presentation is overall nice and well done. The given case is straightforward in a good way.

3. Godhark by Sean Kyle Manaloto

The realm of Myrdath is normally ruled by 1000-year cycles of deities. But six years ago the gods fought and broke this cycle, leaving Myrdath open to anyone who wants to dominate or to get as far as getting god powers. At this point of the prologue no major characters have been given, just the backstory, but if this isn’t some of the most incredible fantasy detailed and full colored art you’ll see in a long while, bar none. Please hope very hard that it grows a good story with great characters, because its art delivery deserves the world. 

4. A Messy Fairy Tale by ramyeonsssi

Caroline, as these things go, was supposed to just wait for a prince while staying at her tower. But suddenly a pirate guy comes in, incredibly under the orders of Caroline’s dad the King, exactly to rescue her before she is killed by a witch eager for the throne.
Thus it’s cute and fun while also a good twist on this kind of story trope, done capably in the webtoon scroll-down styles. All introduced characters so far have been adorable and likeable, even the pirate.

Have fun and keep supporting indie and local!


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