Bookbed reviews: ‘Rebel Girls Lead: 25 Tales of Powerful Women’ by @rebelgirlsbook

by KB Meniado


Rebel Girls Lead: 25 Tales of Powerful Women celebrates the incredible and inspiring stories of 25 women leaders in politics, business, sports, activism, and more, all written in fairy tale form. It is part of the award-winning Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls series.

Reach for new heights with Vice President Kamala Harris. Organize voter registration with Stacey Abrams. Spread messages of kindness with Lady Gaga. And captain a team of Olympic gymnasts with Aly Raisman.  

This collection of 25 stories includes the most beloved stories of leadership from the first three volumes of the New York Times best-selling series, Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls. And also features 11 brand new tales of women’s activism, bravery, and vision.

Rebel Girls Lead celebrates the leadership of women from Michelle Obama to Malala Yousafzai. It is illustrated by female artists from around the world. Available via Rebel Girls / Read reviews: Goodreads


This is no different from the other Rebel Girl books in the way it is colorful, inspiring, and empowering, and even though I’m not exactly its target reader, I felt the message of the stories in this book deep in my heart and I wouldn’t hesitate to gift a copy of this to my young nieces. I liked that it tried its best to showcase women of different ages, ethnicities, nationalities, industries, and advocacy, and that the stories were written in simple language yet with great effect. All the accompanying art is gorgeous, and I thought each one represented the featured individuals well.

But my favorite above all would be the activity pages at the end of the book, especially the one wherein the reader can write their own story and draw themselves. Encouraging little girls to believe they can do good things as well as help others is important.


Colorful, inspiring, and empowering, Rebel Girls Lead: 25 Tales of Powerful Women reminds readers, especially girls, to believe in their strengths and their power to achieve. ☁️

The reviewer received an ARC from the publisher. Excerpts and quotes may not reflect final version. Rebel Girls Lead: 25 Tales of Powerful Women comes out January 26. Read our Review Policy here.

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