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115+ Filipino Women Writers, Artists, and Readers to Support and Celebrate

Header art by Sarah Grutas

Happy International Women’s Day! Here at Bookbed, we provide a platform for everyone and their creative pursuits. Here are some of the female writers, artists, and readers we have in our community and those we have featured. We hope you check them out—just click on a name to get redirected to their works, and we hope you find new favorites. Enjoy!


This list is not complete. To see more of the women and their works we’ve featured, go through our archive or tag cloud.

2 responses to “115+ Filipino Women Writers, Artists, and Readers to Support and Celebrate”

  1. Wah! So happy to see my name together with these amazing women 💗

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  2. […] I also try to balance the ratio in the gender representation among the authors available at Bibi Mangki Bookbed, and increase the women authors in my reading list. (But like any voracious reader, I pick up anything as long as it interests me, regardless of the sex or gender of the author.) This is why in this month’s Why Filipinos Should Read, I tread on a few important points of supporting women, and women in literature. (Related: “115+ Filipino Women Writers, Artists, and Readers to Support and Celebrate”) […]


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