Poetry Submission: ‘Turning Tables’

by Aidan Bernales

Where thin skin used to be
Crossing and uncrossing my legs,
Waiting for you to get used to me
Because I carved our names on every building we’ve passed through
I’ve made poetry out of every memory I’ve ever had with you
Because the heart wants what it wants
And it only ever moves me forward when my feet point towards you
Because I’ve been doing my best to rationalize everything I feel for you
Because that’s the only way I ever get to know if I still want to keep
Running after you
Because your blues and my greens just don’t add up
And if we’re going to keep turning these tables
If I’m just going to keep running these lines to catch you
I’d rather dig a hole in the cement and bury myself
Than not know if you ever felt this way for me, too
Because in this game where losing means letting go of you
I choose to continue


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