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Poetry Submission: Poems by Yuu Ikeda

by Yuu Ikeda

Content warning: mentions and references to death and hell

“Last Day”

I’m reading my favorite book

about my favorite moon.

On my left,

a cup of sugary coffee,

making smokes of heaven.

On my right,

a wounded cat

crouching happily.

Mellow music

floats from the night sky,

kissing us warmly.

I’m in peace

I’m in relief

I’m in dawn

I’m in everything.

○○= Love? or Death?

○○ changes the shape of life

○○= Love? or Death?

○○ gives me everything that I want

○○= Love? or Death?

○○ changes guilt into innocence

○○= Love? or Death?

○○ makes my ugliness blind

○○= Love? or Death?

○○ stops blood of my broken heart

○○= Love? or Death?

○○ keeps me from writing dark poems

○○= Love? or Death?

○○ is the illusion of eternal paradise

○○= Love? or Death?

A Girl On A Puddle

In the life

that oppresses her

and tries to choke her,

a girl tries to find

sole breath

She sits down

by a puddle

that has no waves,

staring at the surface

to forget time,

to forget her life

With withered eyes,

the girl stares at

someone reflected

on the puddle,

to forget time,

to forget her life

The puddle is

the entrance of Hell,

and also the exit from Hell.


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