Meet the Young Authors of the Book Writers Club

Meet the Young Authors of the Book Writers Club

by Rhoda Osalvo

In August 2021, eight young students from the CFA Homeschool took on the challenge to write their first books. In three months, these homeschoolers aged 10-13 finished their manuscripts under the Book Writers Club. This December 18, they are launching their books via Facebook Live. (RSVP here!)

Who are these amazing youngsters?  Let’s get to know them:

Bianca Beatriz Bumanlag Ofreneo, or just Bianca, is a young author from Batangas, Philippines. She is currently a sixth grader at CFA Homeschool. Her hobbies include writing, drawing, and painting. The Last Page is her first published book. Buy the book here.

X.G. Antazo is a brilliant 10-year old with an overflow of imagination who lives in Rizal, Philippines. He loves creating supernatural and out-of-this-world stories. When not writing, he spends his time coding apps and games or enhancing his digital art skills. Buy the book here.

Hans Karlo Salaria, or just Karlo, is a 13-year-old Filipino homeschooler, writer and violinist from Freedom Academy. He likes to read adventure books and eat good food like ramen. He enjoys watching movies in a cold room and going to the beach on a hot day. Ice cream is one of his favorite desserts. Crystal Quest is Karlo’s first published fiction. Buy the book here.

Jillian Canapi is a wonderful child, kind and loving daughter, and Julianne’s great Ate or big sister. 

As she enters preteens, Jillian expresses herself gracefully through singing, dancing and even vlogging. But writing is the way to know her true feelings. She shares her thoughts and emotions through her stories which many children or even adults can relate to.

She lives with her Mom, Dad and Julianne in Manila, Philippines. Buy Jillian’s book here.

Kiersten Cheryl Abadicio is a 12-year-old Filipino student at CFA Homeschool. Aside from writing fiction stories, she is also into creating art, and playing music. Ori is Kiersten’s first published book. Buy the book here.

Lexie Bautista is a sixth-grade homeschooler from Manila, Philippines, who never runs out of things to do. When she isn’t writing a new story, she enjoys painting, crocheting, playing the violin or just being silly with her mom and dad. She is afraid of heights, spiders, and walking alone in the dark. Two Hours Before Midnight is her first published book. Buy the book here.

Mabbi Bautista discovered her passion for writing when she started homeschooling and joined The Writers Club at CFA Homeschool. Now a junior in high school, this young Filipina is into writing stories and songs, sketching, and digital art. Mabbi co-authored the book, Welcome to My Humble Homeschool: Secrets of Successful Homeschooling Teens. A Little Boy’s Promise is her first published fiction. Buy the book here.

Miguel Jeremy is a young author from the Philippines. His hobbies include speedsolving, gaming, and writing. Miguel lives on a farm in Batangas with his parents and their animals. The Zombie Invasion is his first novel. Buy the book here.


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