Meet the Book Writers Club: Jillian Canapi

Note: This feature includes spoilers to the author’s book, Simple Joys. Read with caution.

Photo from the author
Jillian Canapi is a wonderful child, kind and loving daughter, and Julianne’s great ‘ate’ or big sister. 
As she enters preteens, Jillian expresses herself gracefully through singing, dancing and even vlogging. But writing is the way to know her true feelings. She shares her thoughts and emotions through her stories which many children or even adults can relate to.
She lives with her Mom, Dad and Julianne in Manila, Philippines. Buy the book here or via Shopee.

Hi, Jillian! Congratulations on your book. When did you first realize you wanted to write?

When I was eight years old.

Where do you get your ideas?

I get my ideas from my experiences and from the books I have read.

What was your favorite scene to write, and why?

In Simple Joys, the scene where Jasmine and her mom make up because it was very calming to write.

In Treasure Partners, I liked writing the part where Hailey and her mom go to get the last gem because it was so thrilling.

In Diplomat Hotel, the scene where all the friends gathered because they realized that they entered a haunted place.

In Dear Diary, the panic-before-dinner thing.

What are the tools and practices you think are important to all writers, regardless of age or experience?

Creativity and the willingness to read books.

Why is reading important?

We can get inspiration from books, especially when we don’t have anything to write about.

Share a favorite book? The Dork Diaries series by Rachel Renée Russell! I relate to those books a lot, and they’re so fun to read.


Cover art by Charlene Tenio

Jasmine is the Little Entrepreneur who got to run her own business on her 7th birthday. Amie and her mom, Hailey, are the Treasure Partners chosen by a mysterious gem. Rosie, Sophie, and Rocky were supposed to go to a museum for a school project but ended up in the creepy Diplomat Hotel. Fourth-grader Lisa Miller writes about her life in and out of school in Dear Diary.

Meet them all and share in their Simple Joys.

Buy the book here or via Shopee.


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  1. Congrats, Jillian. Happy for you for your first book. 🙂

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