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Meet the Book Writers Club: Hans Karlo Salaria

Photo from the author
Hans Karlo Salaria, or just Karlo, is a 13-year-old Filipino homeschooler, writer and violinist from Freedom Academy. He likes to read adventure books and eat good food like ramen. He enjoys watching movies in a cold room and going to the beach on a hot day. Ice cream is one of his favorite desserts. Crystal Quest is Karlo’s first published fiction. Buy the book: Amazon, Lazada, or via Shopee.

Hi, Karlo! Congratulations on your book. Was writing it hard for you?

The hardest part in the process was coming up with an idea for the story. Coming up with an original story is something that is tough to do—at least for me—but once I came up with a plot, everything went smoothly.

What was a scene in your book that you enjoyed writing the most?

My favorite scene I wrote in my book was the adventure in the Glacial Mountain because it was thrilling!

What are the tools and practices you think are important to any kind of writer?

A really important part about being a writer is to get good ideas. If your mind is blank, go outside. Go around the place. Look for ideas there. One of Roald Dahl’s methods of getting ideas is to write down your dreams when you wake up. One of the most important practices of a writer is to read. Reading other stories is one of the best ways to learn how you can enhance your writing skills. Eating food sometimes refreshes a person’s head, especially when you eat your favorite food.

Any piece of advice for fellow young writers?

For those who don’t know where to start, my tip is to read a book you like. As a gamer, a movie lover and an otaku, I ought to know. I read the Harry Potter books and it felt like watching a movie. It inspired me, and so when I started to write the first chapter of my book, I imagined it to be like I was watching a movie as well.


Cover art by James Esparas

When James found a crystal in the Bardrade Forest, three cloaked men appeared and attacked him. He escaped and met friends to help him find the precious crystal and bring it to Glacial Mountain.

Will James and his friends learn to control their mysterious powers? Will they accomplish their mission from the King of Arkanda to maintain peace in the Six Nations?

Buy the book: Amazon, Lazada, or via Shopee.


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