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Meet the Book Writers Club: Mabbi Bautista

Photo from the author
Mabbi Bautista discovered her passion for writing when she started homeschooling and joined The Writers Club at CFA Homeschool. Now a junior in high school, this young Filipina is into writing stories and songs, sketching, and digital art. Mabbi co-authored the book, Welcome to My Humble Homeschool: Secrets of Successful Homeschooling Teens. A Little Boy’s Promise is her first published fiction. Buy the book here.

Hi, Mabbi! Congratulations on your book. When did you first realize you wanted to write?

It started when I joined the writers club of my school when I was in Grade 4, which was my first year of homeschooling. I actually was not that fond of reading, but my mother insisted that I checked out the club since I loved to write stories. I was hesitant at first but then Teacher Rhoda (Osalvo) was very welcoming and encouraged each one of us to tap into our “inner writer“ and I did. It was and still is an amazing journey.

Where do you get your ideas?

By nature, I am quite imaginative so I guess, as I imagine a lot of things in my head, there goes the ideas plus the anime I’ve watched and read.

What are the tools and practices you think are important to all writers, regardless of age or experience?

To write everyday or do journalling. Consistency in holding a pen daily and creating a story regardless if it does not make sense at the start because there will always be an opportunity to edit what you have created.

Any piece of advice for fellow young writers?

  • Consistently write every day, whether it’s just random thoughts, a poem, or a story, and try to work on it bit by bit. If you experience writer’s block, take a breather, read your favorite book, listen to music, or do something else then return to writing.
  • Do not be afraid to write what’s on your mind or if you have any ideas.
  • Don’t quit.


Cover art by Mabbi Bautista and Charlene Tenio

A sunflower field and a beautiful friendship between a boy and a girl.

After helping each other find their way out of a sunflower field, Sara and Bee become best friends. Both eleven years old, they spend a lot of time together, studying, playing, jogging, and biking.

One day, Bee has to move because of his father’s job. He leaves Sara behind with a promise to return with a bouquet of her favorite flowers.

But an accident causes him to lose his memory. Will Bee keep his promise to Sara, and will their friendship endure?

Buy the book here.


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