Meet 5 More Filipino Young Authors from the Book Writers Club

by Rhoda Osalvo

While many students in the Philippines spent their school break doing different activities, five homeschoolers from the CFA Homeschool joined the Book Writers Club (BWC) Batch 2. They are Kiersten Cheryl Abadicio (13), Pio Timothy Calungcaguin (9) Jannah Brielle Lising (12), Ruel Miguel Lorenzo (13), and Nikita Santos (10). 

The BWC is a bi-annual online boot camp for young aspiring authors that runs for four months. It aims to give voice to the Filipino youth and tell the world their story. BWC launched its first batch of eight authors in December 2021. 

After months of hard work, the five young authors are ready to launch their books on September 3, Saturday, 2:00 p.m. via the Books Writers Club Facebook page. Let’s get to know them!

Kiersten Cheryl Abadicio, author of Temporarily Vanilla 

Thirteen-year-old Kiersten is an artist who hails from the business capital of the country, Makati City. This future psychologist likes to spend her time playing the piano, drawing, and writing stories. Only in Grade 7 this new school year, and yet, she already has two books under her belt. Available on Amazon, Lazada, and Shopee, her first book, Ori, was released in December last year, also with BWC. Her second and latest published fiction is Temporarily Vanilla

Pio Timothy Calungcaguin, author of Homeschooled in the Kitchen, Stories and Recipes

It’s no surprise that Pio started to bake at the age of four, his parents are bakers and chefs! Now nine, Pio can poach eggs and create his recipes while enjoying games on his gadgets. He has even joined and won international awards. Read them in his book, Homeschooled in the Kitchen, Stories and Recipes. 

Jannah Brielle Lising, author of The Dark Princess

Like many writers, Jannah is an avid reader. But unlike many, she has lots of interests: painting, drawing, scrapbooking, playing the guitar, listening to music, and more. This lass from Rizal has written a lot of fantastic short stories, and The Dark Princess is her first published fiction. 

Miguel Lorenzo, author of One Summer in Bert’s Life

At 13, Miguel certainly knows what he ought to do to reach his dreams. Hoping to be a doctor and writer someday, he started writing stories during the pandemic. With his first book finished, he aims to write some more before he becomes busy pursuing his other career. Set in Mindanao where Miguel hails from, One Summer in Bert’s Life, is about a boy’s mountain adventure. 

Nikita Santos, author of Brinderbrook Spies 

From Tarlac City comes this talented girl named Nikita. At 10, she plays the drums and the piano, and is into drawing, painting, computer and stop-motion editing. Is there anything she can’t do? And now, she has her first published book, Brinderbrook Spies, a story she came up with while playing spies with her siblings. 




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