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Meet The Third Batch of Filipino Young Authors from the Book Writers Club

by Rhoda Osalvo

The Book Writers Club (BWC) launched five new books from five students of the CFA Homeschool last December 17. (Watch the recorded live on the Books Writers Club Facebook page.) They are Bettina Reika A. Namoco, Grade 5, X.G. Antazo, Grade 6, Prince Gabriel M. Adorza, Grade 7, Manu U. Aguilar, Grade 8, and Erl Rozwald Raba, Grade 12. Let’s get to know them!

Bettina Reika A. Namoco, author of The Girl with the Gift

The only girl in this batch and the youngest, Bettina Reika A. Namoco, hails from the beautiful city of Cagayan de Oro. An only child in the family, Bet, as she is fondly called, likes to play the violin, draw, paint, and of course, write stories. Because what she wants to be someday is to “become the best I can be.”

When asked why she joined BWC, she says, “I wanted to write a book because I thought it would be fun. And it was! But it was also hard at the same time.”

X.G. Antazo, author of Rey Collins and the Beast Within, a sequel to Rey Collins and the Stag of Leighis

Though only 12 years old, X.G. Antazo is not new to book publishing. Rey Collins and the Beast Within is the second installment in the Rey Collins series. After his successful first published fiction, X.G. is back to satisfy Rey Collins’s avid fans. 

When not busy writing, X.G. dotes on his sister, Elle, and teaches her to write stories too. He is also into drawing and creating games.

Prince Gabriel M. Adorza, author of Vehemence 

Another 12-year-old author is Prince Gabriel M. Adorza from Cavite, a province south of Manila. Prince has a big dream. He says, “Someday, I’d like to build a tech and games community and a YouTube channel with millions of subscribers.” For starters, he wrote his first book, Vehemence.

A kuya or big brother to Phoebe, who is also a writer like him, his favorite fruit is mango and his favorite vacation spot is everybody’s favorite quick getaway place—Tagaytay!

Manu U. Aguilar, author of The 7th

As his parents love to write, it wasn’t a surprise that Manu U. Aguilar, the youngest in the family, turned out to be a writer and a published author. 

Ramen boy, as he is known to his friends for his love for Japanese noodles, also loves mangoes. Aside from writing, he is a gifted pianist and badminton player. Like most teenagers nowadays, he loves to play Minecraft and Val.

Erl Rozwald Raba, author of Boundary Break, To Far and Beyond

Another homeschooler, Erl Rozwald Raba, attributes his love for writing, to Spin by Robert Charles Wilson. No wonder, his first published book is also in the science fiction genre. Erl says, “Spin is also one of my inspirations for my first book.” 

Now 18, Erl loves music. His favorite songs are Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Tears for Fears,Taking Over the World by Coyote Theory, and Venger by Perturbator.




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