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The completed YA fantasy ‘The Metropolis Series’ by Jay Pillerva @jaypillerva is now available

What happens when the author abandons the story?

Book 1: Quinn and the Metropolis

QUINN VASQUEZ has problems with her romantic life. No biggie. It’s just like your average teenage drama. But what if you suddenly have these monsters that begin popping out of nowhere, and suddenly, poof! They’re gone, and everyone goes about their lives like nothing happened. As these strange happenings begin to unfold, why does it feel like time has been repeating itself over and over again? Most importantly, where did those monsters come from?

As everything begins to spiral out of control, Quinn kisses her normal high school life goodbye. She becomes a fugitive and is blamed for all the weirdness. But why, what has she done, or are the accusations rooted from what she didn’t do…?

Follow Quinn as she discovers the secrets of the Metropolis and learns how to grasp its bizarre existence.

Book 2: Quinn Beyond Bounds

QUINN VASQUEZ has always believed that Cassandra Diaz was just a girl in her head, an impersonation of her deepest, darkest thoughts—but she was wrong. Cassandra is real, and she’s only growing stronger. Quinn is convinced that she was involved in the disappearance of one of her closest friends, her leads taking her beyond the Metropolis’ bounds, straight into Cassandra’s territory.

She shares her mission with Julio, a boy with the same determination to stop Cassandra. However, he has a few quirks of his own, mainly concerning his past with an ex-lover. He remains secretive about the topic, and only shares his life in obscure little pieces. His world is a deep, mysterious ocean, and Quinn is no longer sure what she’ll find if she dives in.

In the quest to stop Cassandra, travel beyond bounds to uncover more secrets the Metropolis keeps hidden.

Book 3: Quinn and Cassandra

QUINN VASQUEZ and CASSANDRA DIAZ are both fictional characters in the Author’s Metropolis. Despite their shared state, they are nothing alike. While Cassandra is notorious for violence and murder, Quinn just wants a normal life at St. John’s Academy. After the trouble she faced being Cassandra’s look-alike, Quinn cuts her hair and embraces her new appearance. However, the line between them blurs even more after Cassandra kills someone at a party filled with Quinn’s schoolmates.

While her friends at St. John’s are determined to solve the mysterious tragedy, Quinn is pulled into a silent battle against her evil twin. Cassandra is trying to reclaim her spot in the story, a position that Quinn currently holds. Because she was scrapped and forgotten, her anger and frustration culminate into one grand plan: to destroy the Author’s precious work, to erase the Metropolis forever. Quinn then asks herself: Can Cassandra really do that?

But as their origins slowly come to light, Cassandra gains the upper hand. Quinn’s determined to keep the Metropolis alive, no matter what it takes.

Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy, Mystery, Drama
Content Warning: Mild horror, violence, profanity, implied intimacy, existential dread, and discussions of loss and grief

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