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Bookbed reviews: ‘Thinking of You (but not like in a weird creepy way)’ by Beth Evans

by KB Meniado


Cartoonist and Instagram sensation Beth Evans (@bethdrawsthings) has one goal and one goal only, and that’s to make her readers feel seen, uplifted, and not so alone in the world. She successfully does that yet again with Thinking of You, her new collection of humorous and validating comics.

In her newest collection of comics, cartoonist Beth Evans is back with the internet’s favorite amorphous blob of encouragement and optimism—and just a hint of social anxiety. Thinking of You follows Evans’s iconic protagonist as they navigate their way through online dating, awkward social interactions, and the occasional panic attack, all while trying to remain kind and patient, both with the world and with themselves. It’s a struggle but they are here to remind us that we don’t have to do it all alone.

Funny, sweet, and timely, Thinking of You is just the warm hug you’ve been looking for.


If I wrote “What a sweet and cute book!” as my entire review, my honest thought would be it would suffice. Thinking of You (but not like in a weird creepy way) by Beth Evans is definitely a sweet and cute book. Just like on the author’s popular Instagram page, every page carries an affirmation that, when read, can help anyone get through a difficult day. Plus, of course, those adorable signature blobs can’t be missed! (And they look like they do give good hugs, too.)

The small difference is, the affirmations in this book are distributed to sections, namely: Everyday Struggles, Big Old Feelings, Go You!!!, Hard Things and Validations, and Uplifting Messages. Even so, I didn’t feel like I had to read the book chronologically because whatever page I opened the book to, what was on there still made sense and was still meaningful. Reading all those comics felt like having my inner cheerleader remind me that it’s okay, I’ve got it.


The content tends to feel a bit repetitive, and my two cents is that I would add some Q&A or activity pages in between comics just to break the monotony of it all. I think this collection might work better as a postcard series, or as a journal prompt set.


While at times repetitive, Thinking of You (but not like in a weird creepy way) by Beth Evans is a sweet and cute book, mirroring its Instagram origins of sharing affirming and validating comics.


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