#BookbedMeets: Silent Reading Session this July 24

We’re back! This month’s #BookbedMeets session is on Saturday, July 24, at 7 p.m. As always, we’ll read together and chat for a bit after. Here’s what else to expect or prepare: No assigned book—you can read what you want! Registration is for free A chance to meet fellow readers and share TBRs or projectsContinue reading “#BookbedMeets: Silent Reading Session this July 24”

Bookbed turns 11! (plus 11 giveaways!)

Thank you for 11 years of keeping us company in our support for books and dreams. In celebration, please look forward to the following: #BookbedFictory #AReaderEveryDay #BookbedMeets Bibi Mangki Bookbed … And this giveaway: Eleven (11) winners will receive our special Bookbed box. Here’s how to join (pick to do one or both!): Share thisContinue reading “Bookbed turns 11! (plus 11 giveaways!)”

Poetry Submission: 3 Poems by Yuu Ikeda

by Yuu Ikeda Content warning: mentions and references to death and hell “Last Day” I’m reading my favorite book about my favorite moon. On my left, a cup of sugary coffee, making smokes of heaven. On my right, a wounded cat crouching happily. Mellow music floats from the night sky, kissing us warmly. I’m in peaceContinue reading “Poetry Submission: 3 Poems by Yuu Ikeda”

Storiesnap Time: ‘5-Minute Star Wars Stories’

Welcome back to Storiesnap Time, in which we feature books with illustrations in snaps and clips. This time, we’re featuring Star Wars: 5-Minute Star Wars Stories, “an epic collection of stories adapted from all seven Star Wars films, including Star Wars: The Force Awakens! With 12 Star Wars stories that can each be read in 5Continue reading “Storiesnap Time: ‘5-Minute Star Wars Stories’”

Why Filipinos Should Read: ‘The Mamba Mentality: How I Play’ by Kobe Bryant

by Bryan Meniado Filipinos are arguably some of the biggest basketball fans in the world, and with the recently concluded FIBA Asia Cup Qualifiers and the ongoing NBA Conference Finals, the Filipino basketball fandom are once again cheering and going wild from the sidelines. These sporting events have provided hoops fans like me with momentaryContinue reading “Why Filipinos Should Read: ‘The Mamba Mentality: How I Play’ by Kobe Bryant”

Poetry Submission: ‘Come Back To Me’

by Bianca Marie Nery Come back to meMy troubled love.Fill this voidInside my heart. Come back to meMy pride and joy.End this sadness,This life of woe. Come back to meMy heart and soul.Stay with meForevermore. ☁️ If you enjoyed this, we encourage you to leave a comment below. To submit your own, write to us here.

Why Filipinos Should Read: Archaeology and Heritage Studies

by Bryan Meniado Travelling with ease is undoubtedly one of the things we miss in this pandemic, and it’s been more than a year since and we are sadly still unable to fly without the fear of a coronavirus exposure.  But I miss travelling not only because of mere “paglalakwatsa.” That’s a common misconception whenContinue reading “Why Filipinos Should Read: Archaeology and Heritage Studies”

Poetry Submission: ‘The 1’

by Aidan Bernales How are you?Isn’t that so strange?After so long of not thinking about you, that’s the first thing I ask—Are you feeling better than the last time we talked?I remember how hurriedly I walked past your favorite store in the mallIn a weak attempt not to meet your eyes one more timeAfter we spokeContinue reading “Poetry Submission: ‘The 1’”

#BookbedMeets: Silent Reading Session this May 29

We’re inviting everybody who wants to make some progress on their current reads or TBR piles! This month’s #BookbedMeets session is on Saturday, May 29. We’ll read for an hour and share about the stories afterwards. Everyone is welcome! ☁ #BookbedMeets is Bookbed’s Community Day. Everyone is welcome! To receive invites to future meetups andContinue reading “#BookbedMeets: Silent Reading Session this May 29”