Bookmarked: Double Celebrations #lovewins

by Lindy Gamolo We may not be American citizens but our hearts were filled with joy and we celebrated with them as the US Supreme Court ruled to legalize same-sex marriage on June 26, 2015. Yes, this means same-sex couples can marry in all 50 states and no state can ban it. I don’t know aboutContinue reading “Bookmarked: Double Celebrations #lovewins”

Bookmarked: Knocking on Wood

by Lindy Gamolo As you probably know, bookmarks don’t always have to be made of paper. It can be made out of many things: wood, metal, plastic, ceramic, fabric, leather, resin and other materials I have no idea you could make bookmarks out of. And as varied as the materials are, bookmarks also come in different shapesContinue reading “Bookmarked: Knocking on Wood”

Bookmarked: The Bookmark Collector ~ Willy Nieuwveld

by Lindy Gamolo If you’re still surprised or puzzled that there are people who actually collect bookmarks (yes, as serious and “technical” as stamp and coin collectors, if you know what I mean), then it’s time to let it sink in because I’ll be proving you wrong in many Bookmarked posts to come. I’m not aloneContinue reading “Bookmarked: The Bookmark Collector ~ Willy Nieuwveld”

Bookmarked: Marking the Beginning

by Lindy Gamolo “You collect what? Bookmarks?!” Yep, that thing you use to mark the page you left at before you called it a day and dozed off. Just like every collection that has ever existed, it started with one piece, though mine wasn’t necessarily the first piece I owned. Instead, it was this simple HallmarkContinue reading “Bookmarked: Marking the Beginning”