#BookbedMeets: Books We Love to Reread

At the #BookbedMeets earlier today, we talked about books we love to reread, or simply, our favorite books. So in case you’re looking for recommendations, below is the list of titles that were shared and discussed. Enjoy! FICTION CLASSICS The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger COMICContinue reading “#BookbedMeets: Books We Love to Reread”

Leafing Through Pages for Mental Wellness

by Joy Celine Asto Reading Veronika Decides to Die by Paulo Coelho was my first brush with literature that tackles the intricacies of mental health. I found its premise interesting. Despite having virtually everything a woman her age could ask for, the titular character decided to end her life in a rented room in a convent.Continue reading “Leafing Through Pages for Mental Wellness”

Keeping Reading Alive Through Book Giving

by Agnes Manalo Unlike food or other consumables, a book maintains its value as it gets passed on and read by more people. Every book being given away is a new story for someone to discover, a new world to lose one’s self in even just for a while. And for a kid, it might beContinue reading “Keeping Reading Alive Through Book Giving”

Celebrating Stories of Love and Everything In Between at the ‘Before I Do Anthology’ Launch

by Kat Petines, photos by Kelly Mahipus Stories about love are not new. Society’s obsession with the subject has spawned a truckload of materials that focus on the search for it, the triumph of finding it, the tragedy of losing it and everything in between. In fact, love has turned into such a central theme inContinue reading “Celebrating Stories of Love and Everything In Between at the ‘Before I Do Anthology’ Launch”

Better Epiphanies Through Xeroxography: How A Press Expo Gave This Writer Hope

by Amber B. Garma Epiphanies, eurekas, sudden realizations—every person comes across such at various points in life. That is the time everything falls into place. Suddenly, you know what your next step is. Suddenly, you understand why you are here at this very moment in this very place under these very circumstances, doing what you’re doingContinue reading “Better Epiphanies Through Xeroxography: How A Press Expo Gave This Writer Hope”

Hoarding Comic Books at Komikon 2016

by Tricia Gervacio In the Philippines, Komikon is one of the biggest bi-annual event that comic dorks (and by dorks, we mean awesome people!) look forward to every April and November. Last November 19 and 20, we had two days packed and loaded with comic books, panel talks and movie screenings. Although I wasn’t able toContinue reading “Hoarding Comic Books at Komikon 2016”

6 Interesthings at the #MIBF2016

We sneaked early into the Manila International Book Fair this year, and we thought we’d share with you a few excithings from Day 1 that might make you want to swing by ASAP. Enjoy! 1. These newly launched pun-ny notepads by Elbert Or and Lorra Elena Angbue-Te: 2. The Return of the Young Prince  by A.G. Roemmers, which appearsContinue reading “6 Interesthings at the #MIBF2016”

#GoReadWrite2016: The Philippine Readers and Writers Festival

by Julan Donio Castro As an avid reader and aspiring author, I always look forward to literary events. They provide a venue for discussion on development and promotion of the appreciation for literature, reading and writing. They contribute to fostering the discourse and shaping the landscape of our contemporary literary scene. One of those is the Philippine Literary Readers andContinue reading “#GoReadWrite2016: The Philippine Readers and Writers Festival”

#BumasaAtLumaya: Attending Children’s Book Fair and Literature Talks

by Julan Donio-Castro I’ve loved children’s books ever since I was a little kid. During my elementary school years, my friends and I used to stay in the library to read story books with wonderful illustrations. I remember that feeling when we would all say “Wow!” in amazement for reading and looking at picture books,Continue reading “#BumasaAtLumaya: Attending Children’s Book Fair and Literature Talks”

Supporting Local: My First #romanceclass by #AprilFeelsDay Heat

by Hannah Taotjo Think: romance literature. Done? Now, be honest—did this picture pop into your head? If you said yes, congratulations. You are now officially outdated. You can put away your auntie’s racy paperbacks now, you won’t be needing them anymore (and those Fifty Shades copies, too). It was my first time to attend an event likeContinue reading “Supporting Local: My First #romanceclass by #AprilFeelsDay Heat”