Bookbed turns 8: 8 Ways to Encourage More People to Read (plus 8 giveaways!)

by Agnes Manalo, Allana Luta and KB Meniado When it comes to reading, it’s never about less is more. The more people who read, the merrier! Here are eight ways to encourage non-readers to get into the habit: Suggest books related to their personalities and interests. Pretty self-explanatory. Find out what the person is into, andContinue reading “Bookbed turns 8: 8 Ways to Encourage More People to Read (plus 8 giveaways!)”

10 Lines to Love from the #StartHere Anthology, No Matter Your Gender Identity

by KB Meniado Been wanting some Filipino LGBTQIA+ romance? Celebrate! The book you’ve been looking for is here. Featuring M/M, F/F, F/NB romance stories with happy endings (and heat levels), the Start Here anthology is ready to serve you—yes, you, whatever pronoun you use—some real feels and maybe, also a few happy tears~ Check out this list ofContinue reading “10 Lines to Love from the #StartHere Anthology, No Matter Your Gender Identity”

People in Print: Alexandra Trese

by Ian Miraflores Alexandra Trese is the main character of the komiks series Trese, created by Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo. She’s a detective that specializes in crimes with supernatural origin. The setting is in modern day Metro Manila. Creatures from Filipino folklore—the white lady, nuno sa punso, tikbalang and kapre, among other—are brought to life andContinue reading “People in Print: Alexandra Trese”

Exploring the Secondhand Book Life

by Shing Liganor Let’s be perfectly honest with ourselves for a moment here and admit that, for the most part of our book shopping madness, we usually buy our books brand new. I guess it’s like an instinct of sorts, when you let your feet wander into the nearest Fully Booked or National Book Store afterContinue reading “Exploring the Secondhand Book Life”

5 Books That Helped Deal With My Mental Health

by Ysabel Andrea Tayco As far as I can remember, I’ve always found myself reading books where there is sadness, regret or some form of gloom surrounding the main character. When I saw the post on the Buhay Movement group about writing about books that have helped me deal with mental health issues—mental health related orContinue reading “5 Books That Helped Deal With My Mental Health”

6 Discoveries About Inflight Reading

by Clarissa Chua I have never been a fan of airplanes. (Well, except for the time when they gave out free things like coloring books and crayons, but I was too young to actually remember that.) Imagine my dread when I was faced with a four-hour flight. Yes, it may not be that bad yet, butContinue reading “6 Discoveries About Inflight Reading”

Bookbed turns 6: 6 Reasons To Enjoy Writing About Reading

We turn six this year, and to celebrate, we came up with six things on why we do what we do here on Bookbed. We hope these encourage you to write about books and reading as well. Enjoy! 1. We write about reading to understand. “Writing about reading helps generate discourse and facilitate understanding.” —WINA PUANGCO of Crossed Wires 2. WeContinue reading “Bookbed turns 6: 6 Reasons To Enjoy Writing About Reading”

Tales of An Ebook Convert

by Lucille de Mesa Like most bookaholics, I started my encounter with these magical objects at a very young age. I blame my mother for my book obsession—she introduced me to storybooks mostly full of colorful animal drawings, which were of course attractive to children. In my early high school years, as I raved about theContinue reading “Tales of An Ebook Convert”

On Emma Watson’s Our Shared Shelf: How It Shaped My Perspective on Feminism

by Mpur Chan Emma Watson graduated from Brown University with a major in English literature. Just like me. Well, I mean, I took English literature as my major, too, but in a different university. And Emma (yep, first name basis) likes reading books, just like me! We’re pretty much the same… Except she’s a UN AmbassadorContinue reading “On Emma Watson’s Our Shared Shelf: How It Shaped My Perspective on Feminism”

Burning the Passion for Reading

by Lucille de Mesa A few days ago, my friend and I were reminiscing about our high school memories which led to talking about books. We were avid readers back in the day. I told her about my current Goodreads challenge and the review on my blog about a book I just finished reading. We wereContinue reading “Burning the Passion for Reading”