The Matter of “The Great TBR”

by Wina Puangco I’m not writing for Crossed Wires today but something—among other things—has been bothering me lately. As someone who participates in Booktube and other reading communities (Goodreads, etc.), I’ve noticed that when talking about their To-Be-Read piles or TBRs, a lot of people are fond of acting guilty for not getting through said pileContinue reading “The Matter of “The Great TBR””

Buying Books on A Budget

by Karl Mabutas There I was, walking past shelf after shelf, my heart threatening to jump off my chest, when suddenly… Oh my! The book I have been looking for so long is finally in front of me! All these months I have tried reaching out for you but you were never there. Now, theContinue reading “Buying Books on A Budget”

5 Ways on How Reading Makes A Difference

by Liezel Salera Before I set sail to the real world, books were my first adventure. I was a kid who never ventured to play in the streets and slept with her books as pillows. Now, as a 26-year-old, I never imagined I would be someone who might live a day eating three meals in three differentContinue reading “5 Ways on How Reading Makes A Difference”

‘Paperback or Hardback?’: The Book Format Dilemma

by Ron Supan When I started collecting books years ago, I didn’t care which format they were in as long as I enjoyed the story. But after a while, I got irritated staring at my disorganized shelves, so I decided to buy only hardcovers or hardbacks. And, boy, did those sturdy, elegant spines look neatContinue reading “‘Paperback or Hardback?’: The Book Format Dilemma”

Photobooks: A Trip Down Memory Lane

by Lindy Gamolo Like most things, memories do not last forever. They fade over time, no matter how hard we try to keep them safe in our minds. To make it worse, we could completely lose them when we’re older and maybe have more time to look back on our lives. Sometimes, what’s left are vagueContinue reading “Photobooks: A Trip Down Memory Lane”

Happy Birthday, Harry! Love, From A Certified Potter Nerd

by Cake Evangelista If this were some kind of “Bookaholics Anonymous,” where we would take turns in standing up, introducing ourselves and admitting our book addiction, I’m pretty sure my intro would be something like this: “Hello, my name is Cake. And I’m a Harry Potter addict.” It feels like it was only yesterday when myContinue reading “Happy Birthday, Harry! Love, From A Certified Potter Nerd”

4 Great Things About Being A Filipino Romance Author (Right Now)

by Mina V. Esguerra When I started writing fiction, I had the impression it was going to be a hobby, something I would do when I had an extra few minutes a day, and maybe I’d finish writing one book and be done with the entire business of it. Many writers feel this way, butContinue reading “4 Great Things About Being A Filipino Romance Author (Right Now)”

#buqoYA: A great option for Filipino authors and readers

by Racquel Sarah A. Castro Since the launch a year ago, Bookbed has featured five Filipino authors and their experiences in publishing their works in the country. We found that all of them had tried self-publishing at one point or another. And one of the ways a fledgling writer can introduce their story to theContinue reading “#buqoYA: A great option for Filipino authors and readers”

5 Works That Inspired Me to Write

by Dawn Lanuza Before I started writing books myself, I was an avid reader. I’ve tried out different genres over the years but discovered early on that I easily sway over to the Young Adult/Contemporary Romance section. It is, after all, what I wanted to write as well. There are a lot of authors who haveContinue reading “5 Works That Inspired Me to Write”

Supporting Local: An Interview with Flipreads

by KB Meniado Not many years ago, the main competition in book selling was only the now defunct Multiply (at least, locally) and when readers weren’t that Book Depository-savvy. Those times were relatively difficult for book-hunting because these sites weren’t specially tailored for book selling. However, recent times have seen easier ways to get those once-unreachableContinue reading “Supporting Local: An Interview with Flipreads”