Fiction Nation: Dust to Dust

by Allana Luta When I think of transitions, I immediately thought of Bildungsroman, the literary world’s fancy term for a coming-of-age story. The Catcher in the Rye and the Harry Potter series are just two modern examples of this genre. But what I want to talk about is a series that’s critically acclaimed but I feel is not as popular as it should be: Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials. His Dark Materials is likely known among book lovers but I want it to be as widely common a read as Harry Potter or The Hunger Games or even the frickin’ Bible….

Fiction Nation: To the North and South with Elizabeth Gaskell

by Allana Luta Now I know January usually signals beginnings but I can’t help feeling the beginnings of that time of year when there’s more pollen in the air, love songs are heard everywhere and couples make out in public like they just don’t care. (Points for the rhyme, please.) February is still a week away, but why not get a head start, eh? Because right now, Elizabeth’s Gaskell’s North and South has already gotten me in the mo-hoood for looo-hoove… or at least longing stares and soft, electrifying touches of the hand. Let’s get our hearts racin’! Published in 1855, North and…