#BookbedFictory Year 2 Winners

Here, we announce the winner and the crowd fave (we’ll get in touch!). Thanks to the writers, beta readers and judges that have all been part of this year’s fic fest—we hope you enjoyed getting spooked! Congratulations! Garnered an average of 3.5 out of 5 stars / Click here to read. About the writer: Si … Continue reading #BookbedFictory Year 2 Winners

#BookbedFictory 015: ‘Artifacts from the Parent’

by Joel Donato Jacob Prompt: The cure for a new deadly epidemic is almost scarier than the disease. Arvin C. Diesmos, Mae L. Diesmos and Rafe M. Brown Abstract The Philippine amphibian fauna introduced species of frogs: Bufo marinus (Linnaeus), Raba catasbeiana (Shaw), Hoplobatrachis chinensis (Osbeck), Rana erythraea (Sclegel), and Kaloula pulchra (Gray). Bufo marinus … Continue reading #BookbedFictory 015: ‘Artifacts from the Parent’

#BookbedFictory 014: ‘The House with the Sliding Door’

by BJ Medina Prompt: He locked the doors and shuttered the windows; it came in through the roof. The following story was inspired by the events that happened to a family that relocated to a house somewhere in the province of Cavite. As of this writing, the house in Cavite is still standing. Day 0 … Continue reading #BookbedFictory 014: ‘The House with the Sliding Door’

#BookbedFictory 013: ‘131313’

ni Winter Aragon Prompt: You receive an email at midnight of a picture of you asleep on your bed… from right outside your window. You live on the 13th floor of a newly built condominium. Sa mundong ating kinagagalawan may mga misteryong nais natin alamin pero may ibang mas nanainisin na lang manatiling isang katanungan. Walang … Continue reading #BookbedFictory 013: ‘131313’

#BookbedFictory 012: ‘Panginoon ng Mga Uwak’

ni Darwin Medallada Prompt: A desperate farmer just wants to be able to feed his family through the dry season. El Niño Ako ang dahilan kaya namatay si Tatay. ‘Yon ang palagi kong naiisip sa tuwing binabalikan ang isang alaala ng gabi noong 1984. Bitak-bitak na ang mga palayan sa Anislag. Katulad ng lupang ilang taon … Continue reading #BookbedFictory 012: ‘Panginoon ng Mga Uwak’

#BookbedFictory Winners

Congratulations to everyone who participated in Bookbed’s very first fic fest! We hope everyone enjoyed participating in Fictory and gained something along the way. Thank you to the writers, beta readers and judges for all your hard work. Check out the list of winners below (we’ll get in touch!), and see you in the next … Continue reading #BookbedFictory Winners

#BookbedFictory 011: ‘I See What You See’

by Hannah Taotjo Prompt: You’re a person who can see all colors, living in a colorblind world. His room looked untidy, but nothing was out of place. The sheets of paper lying on the floor belonged on the floor, the ones crumpled into balls of frustration were in the wastebasket. The books that he took to … Continue reading #BookbedFictory 011: ‘I See What You See’

#BookbedFictory 010: ‘A Universe of Two’

by Tina Balajadia Prompt: A universe where your soulmate’s first words to you are tattooed on your arm. And yours just happens to be an asshole. It was one of those rare days when the sun was shining but the clouds tempered the heat. The park was full of people who welcomed the brief respite … Continue reading #BookbedFictory 010: ‘A Universe of Two’

#BookbedFictory 009: ‘Y Norh Cana’

by Buñag Manlapaz  Prompt: You download an app onto your phone that lets you chat with your past self. “We left you all on your own spaces and yet, for some reason, some go out their cages. We would have been happy, really, if you all just keep running on the wheels we provided. Some rats … Continue reading #BookbedFictory 009: ‘Y Norh Cana’

#BookbedFictory 008: ‘One Pineapple Afternoon’

by Kristine Cuevas Prompt: Someone mistakes you for their blind date but you’re too polite to correct them. Saturday – April 16, 2:10 p.m. Mall Of Asia Seaside It could be the weather. Or the kids playing around. Or just me staring at the guy in front of me with his hand extended for a hand … Continue reading #BookbedFictory 008: ‘One Pineapple Afternoon’