‘A Reader Every Day’ For A #ReadingNation

Our first book drive is here! In partnership with the Junior Chamber International (JCI) Duwaling, Task Force Davao, Switotwins, Inc., Manga Toshokan and Alleycat Tea House, we are going to Davao City (!) to give books and other reading materials to a community in need. Below are the drop-off points where you can send or leave your donations to. TASK FORCE DAVAO Location: Santa Ana Ave, Poblacion District Hours for drop-off: 8AM-5PM (Weekdays) Visit Task Force Davao here.   SWITOTWINS, INC. Location: 27C Galaxy, GSIS Heights, Matina Hours for drop-off: 8AM-5PM (Weekdays) Visit Switotwins, Inc. here. MANGA TOSHOKAN CAFE Location: Doors 4 & 5 of Belfran Building,…

#BookbedBlindDates: Bookbed’s book exchange

The idea of hosting book exchanges came up during our very first meeting (!) in June 2014—way before this community even existed. This year, we finally decided to do it! Inspired by a photo we found years ago on Tumblr), we hosted our very first #BookbedBlindDates! The mechanics are pretty simple: Dress up a book and put it up for a date. (For this round, we didn’t do it face-to-face and mailed it to one another instead.) Here are a couple of links to the #BookbedBlindDates experience: on Photo.sh on Hodgepodge Corner @ Blogspot on Reading Chair @ Blogspot on So-Stellar.com [Search for…

Bookbed turns 5!

We turn five today! In celebration, let’s walk down memory lane. 2010 – Bookbed ‘launches’ on Sulit.com (now OXL). 2011 – Bookbed moves to Facebook and Tumblr, gaining friends and starting collaborations. 2012 – Bookbed collaborates with other brands, such as Dream A Little More by Aia Arkoncel.   2013 – Bookbed ventures into more giveaways, promos and consignment. 2014~present – Here we are! Thank you to those who continue believing in what we do. To more years ahead! ☁

Bookbed turns 4

We started selling books and meeting readers in 2010, and somewhere along the way, were fortunate enough to work with writers, artists, authors and other bookish people. Today, we bring all of those together. Welcome to the Bookbed community! ☁ Visit the old Bookbed.