Bookbed goes to: Bookish Destinations in Hong Kong

by Clarissa Chua Hong Kong has always been one of the top Asian destinations for amusement parks and shopping centers. This time, though, I’ll be talking about bookstores! Let’s explore these two bookstores I came across in the city. The first one I want to talk about is Basheer Design Books. It is one of the smallContinue reading “Bookbed goes to: Bookish Destinations in Hong Kong”

Welcome Aboard MV Logos Hope, the World’s Largest Floating Book Paradise

by Rea Alducente I was on a high, like a book addict who couldn’t wait to get their fix. The moment I heard MV Logos Hope, the world’s largest traveling bookshop, was coming to Cebu, I knew right away that I shouldn’t and couldn’t miss it. I dragged two of my friends with me to whatContinue reading “Welcome Aboard MV Logos Hope, the World’s Largest Floating Book Paradise”

Bookbed goes to: Mt. Cloud Bookshop

by Alfonso Mangubat I remember watching You’ve Got Mail 10 years ago and the thing that really piqued my interest more than the romance of the film was Kathleen Kelly’s tiny “shop around the corner” bookshop. You see, when I started the habit of reading, bookstores became my favorite stop every time I went to the mall.Continue reading “Bookbed goes to: Mt. Cloud Bookshop”

Bookbed goes to: Café Talk

by KB Meniado Back when Bookbed was but a wee baby, I had other ideas in mind to satiate my love for books. One of those was Book Buffet. It was a dream project my college friends and I talked about one afternoon as we chomped on our burgers at a popular fast food chain. BookContinue reading “Bookbed goes to: Café Talk”

Love in the Time of Secondhand Bookstores

by Kimberly dela Cruz  There is a force that sets my feet walking toward secondhand bookstores, especially Booksale and other independent shops where the owners somehow became my friends. I love the feel of preloved books—their cracked spines, the yellowed pages and that wonderful old-book smell that sets my imagination running wild, thinking about where theContinue reading “Love in the Time of Secondhand Bookstores”

Bookbed goes to: Kumazawa Bookstore

by KB Meniado I was in Tokyo last month and one of the places I loved visiting the most was this bookstore! I think you’ll know why. The Rurouni Kenshin films were in cinemas back then so it was imperative these existed: I am not the biggest Samurai X fan but I AM DEFINITELY A MOON CRYSTAL POWERContinue reading “Bookbed goes to: Kumazawa Bookstore”