Bookbed recommends: ‘Una & Miguel’ by Lilledeshan Bose

by KB Meniado Una & Miguel was my first Filipino YA book, so when I saw a copy of its new edition at the National Children’s Book Fair at the Ateneo Rizal Library last July 25, I almost scared those who were (wo)manning the Adarna House booth (Hi!). I was so excited I was just nonstop gushingContinue reading “Bookbed recommends: ‘Una & Miguel’ by Lilledeshan Bose”

Bookbed recommends: ‘Popped’ by Chinggay Labrador

by Allana Luta Wonder what goes on inside a K-pop fangirl’s head? Well, wonder no more since Popped lays out all the crazy fantasies that plays out in their (or OUR) minds! But Popped isn’t all fantasy. Chinggay Labrador takes her four main characters all the way to Seoul and sends them into a tizzy. IContinue reading “Bookbed recommends: ‘Popped’ by Chinggay Labrador”

Bookbed recommends: ‘Beautiful Ruins’ by Jess Walter

by Paige Hermreck Sometimes (actually, really often) I dive into books because I see them repeatedly on “OMG, read this NOW!” or “The next book you won’t be able to put down!” lists and often, they are generally quick and cute and I like spending time with them. I found Beautiful Ruins on the clearance sectionContinue reading “Bookbed recommends: ‘Beautiful Ruins’ by Jess Walter”

Bookbed recommends: ‘My Life Next Door’ by Huntley Fitzpatrick

by Allana Luta The only thing I could say after I finished reading Huntley Fitzpatrick’s My Life Next Door was “God” with the ‘o’ elongated more and more over the next times I said it repeatedly. I don’t exactly know what it was about My Life Next Door that made me fall in love with it.Continue reading “Bookbed recommends: ‘My Life Next Door’ by Huntley Fitzpatrick”

Sunglasses, Suitcases and School: Your Summer 2015 Reading List (Part 2)

by Salve Villarosa May is coming to an end yet it’s still sweltering hot! Good thing we got books that bring can bring us to other places. Let’s continue our Summer 2015 Reading List! (Read Part 1 here.) 6. Ice by Sarah Beth Durst For those of you who are melting in this Philippine weather, Ice willContinue reading “Sunglasses, Suitcases and School: Your Summer 2015 Reading List (Part 2)”

Sunglasses, Suitcases and School: Your Summer 2015 Reading List (Part 1)

by Salve Villarosa It’s always hot somewhere in the world… but in case you’ve been living under a rock and thus blissfully unaware of the gruesome heat attacking our country, summer is in full swing here in the Philippines. (Yes, even though it’s already end of May!) Whether you’re whiling away your hot days at the beach, orContinue reading “Sunglasses, Suitcases and School: Your Summer 2015 Reading List (Part 1)”

Bookbed recommends: ‘Welcome to Envy Park’ by Mina V. Esguerra

by KB Meniado It sounds selfish and ungrateful, doesn’t it? Bemoaning life’s imperfections and focusing on the negatives instead of counting all the amazing things you actually have going on for you, I mean. (And by you, I mean all of us self-doubting youngins on the verge of adulthood.) But it’s normal, just the circle ofContinue reading “Bookbed recommends: ‘Welcome to Envy Park’ by Mina V. Esguerra”

Bookbed recommends: ‘Totto-chan: The Little Girl at the Window’ by Tetsuko Kuroyanagi

by Oryo It has been ages since I wrote any thoughts about a book. The last I can remember was when our Biology professor required us to write an extensive book report about an Ebola-inspired book, The Hot Zone by Richard Preston, which, by the way, I recommend. I can tell you, though, that my thoughts and feelings backContinue reading “Bookbed recommends: ‘Totto-chan: The Little Girl at the Window’ by Tetsuko Kuroyanagi”

Bookbed recommends: ‘The Beach’ by Alex Garland

by Kachi Parado wan·der·lust – /ˈwändərˌləst/, noun, a strong desire for or impulse to travel and explore the world Some people don’t like or believe in the concept of wanderlust. But this feeling of longing to go out of my daily life to try something new? It exists and it lives in me. I love being outContinue reading “Bookbed recommends: ‘The Beach’ by Alex Garland”

Bookbed recommends: ‘The Little Match Girl’ by Hans Christian Andersen

by Charlie Diaz They say books have a way of staying with you no matter how many years it’s been since you last read it. You may not remember everything but you’ll remember the feeling it brought you when you first read it. For me, that is true. When asked what children’s book has stayed withContinue reading “Bookbed recommends: ‘The Little Match Girl’ by Hans Christian Andersen”