#romanceclass: Voicing Young Adult Characters

by Salve Villarosa Ah, Instagram. A source of joy, a source of envy, sometimes the source of your broken phone because you threw it halfway across the room in a fit of bitterness. In my case, it was the source of landing a job most bookworms would find cool: Getting to be the voice actor forContinue reading “#romanceclass: Voicing Young Adult Characters”

#romanceclass: Writing to Travel, Traveling to Write

by Carla de Guzman The other day I was standing in line for a buffet, considering my food options when out of nowhere, a little voice in my head wondered, “What if a cute guy suddenly approached and commented on your buffet strategy?” Would we talk about the order in which you had to eat theContinue reading “#romanceclass: Writing to Travel, Traveling to Write”

#romanceclass: Love and Secret Identities

by Jay E. Tria I see a few of the previous #romanceclass articles featured confessions. So here is mine: I’m using a pen name. That won’t come off as a shock, I am sure, since I’ve been fairly open about it. When I first decided to venture into self-publishing, the next decision to make wasn’t evenContinue reading “#romanceclass: Love and Secret Identities”

#romanceclass: Praying for Romance

by Ana Tejano Sometime around high school, a friend of mine raved about this book she read over the summer that she just had to lend it to me so we could talk about it. It was Frank E. Perretti’s This Present Darkness, a book about a reporter and a pastor investigating some shady happenings inContinue reading “#romanceclass: Praying for Romance”

#romanceclass: 6 Books To Read Right Now

What do romance authors read? Romance—and a lot of other things. You’ve been meeting the authors of the #romanceclass community through their monthly columns here on Bookbed. That’s who they are and what they write. Here’s what they’ve been reading: 1. Daring Greatly by Brene Brown, as recommended by Stella Torres, author of Save The Cake and Crushingly CloseContinue reading “#romanceclass: 6 Books To Read Right Now”

#romanceclass: Romance and the Shame Game

by Chris Mariano Confession: For most of my high school life, I wasn’t allowed to read Sweet Dreams and Sweet Valley High, which were the de rigueur series at that time. Of course, I wasn’t going to let parental permission get in the way of reading books that I had already been devouring since I wasContinue reading “#romanceclass: Romance and the Shame Game”

#romanceclass: Why This Writer Won’t Quit Gaming

by Miles Tan How the passion for writing is ignited varies for different people. Back in high school, mine was sparked by the usual suspects: intense emotions, unforgettable experiences, striking books and films. I stayed up late during school nights to scribble madly in my notebooks, and shared works-in-progress with my friends, who would pass my notebooksContinue reading “#romanceclass: Why This Writer Won’t Quit Gaming”

#romanceclass: Confessions of a Hesitant Romance Writer

by Tara Frejas I have a confession to make: Some days, I don’t think of myself as a romance writer. At least, not in the strictest sense. I’m not a big romance reader either, not until I became part of the #romanceclass community. Even then, all the romance books I’ve since read and reviewed are booksContinue reading “#romanceclass: Confessions of a Hesitant Romance Writer”

#romanceclass: Romance’s wide, open spaces

by Bianca Mori Here’s what I know: I love romance. I love all the trope conventions: the meet-cute, the escalating tension, the conflict, the love-making (THIS) and the all-important happily ever after. It’s a pleasure to read, and a well-done romance can be satisfying like nothing else. A well-constructed romance can also deliver smart social commentary.Continue reading “#romanceclass: Romance’s wide, open spaces”

#romanceclass: Why did I write about a single, childless, 30-something Filipina?

by Miren B. Flores Because I, too, am a single, childless, 30-something Filipina. Apparently, most female authors (and more so than male ones, I’ve read) are asked if their work is autobiographical, so I may have just undermined Girl Power and all. (Sorry about that.) But aren’t you also supposed to write about what you know?Continue reading “#romanceclass: Why did I write about a single, childless, 30-something Filipina?”