Story Submission: ‘A Love Letter to Young Girls Who Like to Dream About Love’

by Nessie Quiambao Number one. When he won’t love you back, remember that your father used to hurt himself doing cartwheels because he wanted to make you laugh. Number two. If he tells you that you SHOULD dye your hair black even when you like it red, ignore him. And remember to do your roots so … Continue reading Story Submission: ‘A Love Letter to Young Girls Who Like to Dream About Love’

What Am I To You: Episode 1

by Kath C. Eustaquio-Derla Photo by Scott Baraquel Jr.They say memory is subjective. So how come we remember so much of what we want to forget? They say you’ll fall madly in love only once or twice in a lifetime, and the rest will be a blur. I made the same stupid mistake in the same … Continue reading What Am I To You: Episode 1

Story Submission: ‘Happy Anniversary’

ni Reysielyn Bueno Nagising ako dahil sa tunog ng alarm clock. Inabot ko ito at saka pinatay. Nag-unat ako kahit na nakapikit pa rin. Gusto ko pang matulog pero hindi na puwede dahil paniguradong magagalit na naman siya. Unti-unti kong idinilat ang mga mata at muling nag-inat. Bumungad naman sa akin ang napakagandang mukha ni Jam. … Continue reading Story Submission: ‘Happy Anniversary’

Story submission: ‘Carved’

by Petersen Vargas This is a story about my first love. But before I tell you about my first love, let me tell you what my name is first. My name is Hil Petersen Vargas, and I was called Petersen for the first half of my life, and Hil for the second half up until now. … Continue reading Story submission: ‘Carved’

Story Submission: ‘kinsey x’

by Rachel i am thirteen and i look at pornography and i think, is that it? is that the grand event, the grand design spoken of in furtive whispers and secret asides, as if it’s some majestic cathedral of sweat-slick intimacy with a choir of grunts and moans and slap-smacked limbs, every orgasm a hallelujah on … Continue reading Story Submission: ‘kinsey x’

Story Submission: ‘Excuses’

by Allana Luta The sun was high up in the sky, signaling the time for a siesta. But students who were in Mr. Ning’s class could only dream of laying their heads on a comfortable pillow. Instead, they had to settle for their desks. Mr. Ning rambled on to the class about his college years and … Continue reading Story Submission: ‘Excuses’