Review Policy

Thanks for dropping by this page! Read about our review policy, submission guidelines, and other terms for special feature or partner requests below. We appreciate your trust and interest in sharing your work with us!

Review Policy

  • We accept fiction and nonfiction in all genre and formats, and give special attention to Filipino creators.
  • We do not use ratings in our posts and instead follow a template that allows readers to share what they like and don’t like about a book. When we post on platforms where such is required, we use a three-star rating default.
  • We encourage full transparency, honesty, and creativity in our reviews. In case the reader did not enjoy the work, we will contact the creator to discuss the next steps.

How to send us a review request

Send review requests to hello[at] Make sure the following information are included in your email.

For digital copies:

  • Blurb
  • Copy of the book in .epub and .mobi
  • Promotional materials for social media (Book cover, header image, inside pages, etc.)
  • Preferred dates for posting of review
  • Purchase links
  • Optional: Preferred content type (Choose from the Bookbed Blog categories)

For physical copies, please send the same details above and indicate that you are willing to send us your book(s) at your own expense.

Important note: Creators may send us special requests such as but not limited to author interviews or spotlights, blog tours and similar events, feature series, giveaways and guest posts. However, we provide no guarantee that all requests will be replied to or accommodated.

Submission Guidelines

Send review, story, art, poetry, comics, and other creative submissions to hello[at] Make sure your pen name is also included in your email, and that you accept the terms below.

  • You warrant that anything you submit for publication is your original work, and that you own the copyright and other relevant rights. Anything you submit to us will always be yours, and you have the authority to decide what to do with it. However, for certain cases, such as in Bookbed-led initiatives, we ask of you to add a note that states your work first appeared on Bookbed.
  • You also warrant that your submission is not illegal, offensive, or obscene.
  • We reserve the right to refuse publication, and to apply additions or revisions to the materials submitted when necessary and with your permission.

Special Requests

Readers and creators may send us feature or partner requests or ideas for website content, projects, events, and others. However, we provide no guarantee that requests will be replied to or accommodated.


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