Bookbed turns 8: 8 Ways to Encourage More People to Read (plus 8 giveaways!)

by Agnes Manalo, Allana Luta and KB Meniado

When it comes to reading, it’s never about less is more. The more people who read, the merrier! Here are eight ways to encourage non-readers to get into the habit:

  1. Suggest books related to their personalities and interests. Pretty self-explanatory. Find out what the person is into, and try to link them a few titles you think they would enjoy. If that doesn’t work,
  2. Put a bookish twist into their hobbies. Your gym friends want to get into reading? Use books as weights! Your cool down activity can be a book discussion *wink*
  3. Never say no to adaptations. If a non-reader loves a certain movie, encourage them to look up the source material. But please don’t be that person who nitpicks every single detail the movie wasn’t able to adapt, because we already know, the book is usually better than the movie. (Even if it isn’t, books generally have details or information omitted from movie adaptations.) Just open the discussion but let the non-reader explore things on their own. That said,
  4. Avoid being self-righteous and pushy. We know what good reading can bring but aggressive sharing of opinions and articles about why readers are superior? No, thank you. That’s just going to make them shut you off before you can even say “it’s worth a try!” Also,
  5. Do NOT get judgmental or preachy about what ‘literature’ is, versus stuff some people consider ‘trashy.’ They’re all books. As long as people like what they’re reading, whatever it is, let them be. They’ll learn how to diversify once they enter the “so many books, so little time” zone. Speaking of so little time,
  6. Point them to ~shorter and ~illustrated stuff. Poetry, short story collections, anthologies, essays, comics, graphic novels—they’re all just waiting to be read and loved.
  7. Remind them that nonfiction is also an option. When it comes to reading, most people think of novels almost instantly. But reading can be inspired by many kind of materials, and a lot of people tend to enjoy soaking up facts, reflections and histories in pages so much more.
  8. Last, be their reading buddy. (Because #bookbedis8, allow us this pun:) 8s always better 2gether! Invite them to book club discussions and community events to meet more reader friends. *Ahem click here to join Bookbed ahem*

How do you invite more people into this wonderful world of books and reading? Share your tips with us in the comments below! ☁️

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Bookbed in 2017

Here’s a recap of the awesome year we had:

In January, we…

The next month, February, we participated in the International Book Giving Day event by Adarna House. We were also part of the Book Fiesta organized by the National Book Development Board in celebration of World Book and Copyright Day, and part of Clover Hartly‘s Project RE-STORE in April.

In June, we…

Then we turned seven in July, receiving book donations for #AReaderEveryDay from #BookwormsUnitePH. (We shared them with The Storytelling Project and JCI Duwaling.) The next month, August, we called submissions for #BookbedFictory, our first fic writing competition.

In October, we…

The People in Print series started in November.

In December, we…

It has been an amazing year, and we would like to thank the following people and groups for their support, trust and contribution to everything we were able to achieve this 2017: our Sellers, our Roomies, our Contributors, our website designer Mary Silvestre, #BookwormsUnitePH#HeistClub, #romanceclass8Letters, Adarna House, Clover HartlyEvery Teacher A Reader,, the National Book Development Board, Pandayan, The Storytelling Project, all the Authors that sent us review copies of their works, the MV Redemption writing team, the #BookbedFictory participants, everyone who attended our #BookbedMeets, organizers of #BLTXDavao, organizers of all the Events we were part of, and most especially you, our Readers and Dreamers. May your passion never waver. See you all in 2018!

Bookbed turns 7! (plus 7 giveaways!)

Seven years of Bookbed today, and we’re celebrating it by giving away gifts to seven of our readers and followers!


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Giveaway runs until the 20th of July and is open only to Philippine residents. ☁

Bookbed turns 6: 6 Reasons To Enjoy Writing About Reading

We turn six this year, and to celebrate, we came up with six things on why we do what we do here on Bookbed. We hope these encourage you to write about books and reading as well. Enjoy!

1. We write about reading to understand.

“Writing about reading helps generate discourse and facilitate understanding.” —WINA PUANGCO of Crossed Wires

2. We write about reading to share our passion.

“Writing about reading allows you to share your passion, your reading experience or how a literary piece has affected you, among others. In the process of writing about reading, you gain a better understanding of your own reading experience, and in sharing it, you get to connect with others—either to inspire them to read or to start a conversation about a certain piece.”—KARZ MONTEALEGRE of Ink Blots

2. We write about reading to feel.

“Writing about reading is one of the best ways I express my love for books. Microblogging on Twitter how many times I’ve thrown the current book I’m reading to cry (Hanya Yanagihara’s A Little Life) is cathartic, even if at times it feels like screaming into the void.

Also, writing reviews on Goodreads or on my favorite website (ahem, Bookbed) promotes engagement with fellow human beings who’ve had feels~ about that book too, and you know how that is. It feels like being at your favorite band’s show and everyone is singing along to your favorite songs and you get warm fuzzy feels inside your chest. Best feeling in the world.”—ELAINE ZAPANTA of FaceBookIt

4.  We write about reading to connect and support.

“Reading is important. It helps expand your vocabulary and worldview. It helps build creativity and empathy. It’s been proven that reading makes us smarter and nicer. No one ever told me I needed to read when I was growing up because I saw it all around me anyway. My dad would read his books on business and management out loud during sunny afternoons (there are surprisingly so many life lessons to be found in these “boring” tomes). My mom would always read a few pages of those thick Maeve Binchy romance novels before sleeping. My sister collected the Nancy Drew series while my brother had his Animorphs and Archie comics. Reading books felt as natural as breathing.

But apparently, this is not the case for everyone. I know people who don’t read books simply because they were never inspired to do so as a kid. Or worse, they were teased for being nerds.

And so, we write about reading partly as an overdue hug to those who lacked a reading support group. We write about reading to encourage people to open up a book (or e-book!) and go on a journey you would otherwise miss out on. We write about reading because we write about what we know. And what we know is that we love books.”—ALLANA LUTA, Storyteller in Chief and of Fiction Nation

5.  We write about reading to inspire.

“We write about reading to help spread the magic and power of stories.”—KB MENIADO, Founder and of Tosses and Turns

6.  We write—and make art—about reading to appreciate and accept.


“We make art about reading to help make us appreciate and understand each other better. When we achieve such appreciation and understanding of all the ‘other’ lives, cultures, or even species, then we can make the world safer and accepting of differences.”—BM of Banana Feelings


Bookbed turns 5!

We turn five today! In celebration, let’s walk down memory lane.

  • 2010 – Bookbed ‘launches’ on (now OXL).
  • 2011 – Bookbed moves to Facebook and Tumblr, gaining friends and starting collaborations.

  • 2013 – Bookbed ventures into more giveaways, promos and consignment.
  • 2014~present – Here we are!

Thank you to those who continue believing in what we do. To more years ahead! ☁