Better Epiphanies Through Xeroxography: How A Press Expo Gave This Writer Hope

by Amber B. Garma Epiphanies, eurekas, sudden realizations—every person comes across such at various points in life. That is the time everything falls into place. Suddenly, you know what your next step is. Suddenly, you understand why you are here at this very moment in this very place under these very circumstances, doing what you’re doing…More

Bookbed recommends: ‘Anina ng Mga Alon’ by Eugene Y. Evasco

by Amber B. Garma Everybody has an obsession. I have friends who are obsessed with Marvel superheroes, Korean Pop and gummy candies. I’m obsessed with princesses, reality television and cute boys. Now, if you’re obsessed with anything, you can definitely relate to 13-year old Anina Furayda’s obsession with the ocean. She calls the waves her friends, spends…More